Welcome to Kladovo

Kladovo is a city that is all in the sign of the Danube and everything that this river carries in itself. This part of Eastern Serbia is one of the most historically and geographically interesting regions and a space that has a number of features that distinguish it. Thanks to that, Kladovo and its surroundings are extremely attractive for tourists and visited throughout the year. That is why we have selected for you all the most important information about the city and the most important parts of its tourist offer. Explore them before traveling and organize the perfect vacation.

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When to visit Kladovo?

  • During the summer
Kladovo's life has always been connected to the Danube River. This is also the case with the tourist offer of the place: most of the attractions and activities are directly related to the river. That is why the best time to visit this settlement and its surroundings is the summer season, when you can enjoy the comforts it provides in the best way.

How to get to Kladovo?

Kladovo is the easternmost point on the territory of Serbia. The highway does not lead to it, so the trip is not the most comfortable, but that is why several tourist organizations provide the possibility of arriving by boat.
Kladovo is 260 kilometers away from Belgrade, and the distance with Nis and Paracin is 200 kilometers. The border crossing with Romania is only 10 kilometers from this settlement, and with Bulgaria at 73 kilometers.
  • By car
There are two ways to get from Belgrade to Kladovo. A shorter route leads through Golubac, Požarevac and Gornji Milanovac. It travels along the Djerdap highway M-25, 257 kilometers long. Another variant is a trip through Zajecar, on the M-5 and M-25 roads.
  • By bus
From Belgrade to Kladovo, four buses depart every day, organized by the carriers Arriva Litas and Top Turist. The journey takes between 5 hours and 5 hours and 20 minutes. The price of a one-way ticket is 1546 dinars.
  • By boat
In the period from May to October, several travel agencies organize Danube cruise tours from Belgrade to Kladovo. During the tour, you pass by the Smederevo, Ram and Golubac fortresses, Lepenski Vir and Tabula Traiana. The voyage lasts 9 and a half hours.

Activities for tourists in Kladovo

The area along the Danube has long been a great area for living, so in these areas you can find a hidden treasure trove of traces left by different civilizations. Cultural monuments are surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Djerdap National Park.
  • Cultural and historical heritage
Even in ancient times, Kladovo was an important strategic position. Numerous traces remain behind the long-gone Roman Empire in this area, such as Tabula Traiana the remains of Emperor Traian's bridge and the military fortifications of Diana, Transdierra and Eget. The Turkish fortress of Fetislam is also nearby. The Archaeological Museum of Djerdap is located in the town itself, which collects and documents the heritage of this area.
  • Natural beauties
In this area you can explore the beauties of nature in the Djerdap National Park, on the hiking trails on Miroč or Belederijski waterfall.
  • Field trips
Local tourist organizations also offer several interesting excursions. You can cruise the Djerdap gorge by boat or go on a study to the Vratnjan gates, the village of Rajaćke pimnice and the Bukovo monastery. Tours to nearby Romania also depart from Kladovo.
  • Wellness & Spa
Hotels Aquastar Danube and Djerdap include a Wellness & Spa center, with outdoor and indoor pools, saunas, steam baths and other accompanying facilities.

Events and festivals in Kladovo

Every year, several attractive festivals take place in Kladovo as part of the cultural heritage. The most famous of them are the following:
  • Ethno festival
At the end of July, the Ethno Festival of Eastern Serbia is organized in the city center with the aim of promoting the traditional cultural values ​​of this region. Folklore ensembles perform as part of the festival, as exhibitors of handicrafts and local food and drinks.
  • Days of the Danube
Like most large Danube cities, there is a festival in Kladovo that is held in the part of this river, which is so closely connected with the life of the city. Numerous program activities are tailored primarily to the youngest.
  • Blue week festival
The goal of the Blue week festival is to exchange cultural goods and encourage sports, tourism and economic potentials of Danube cities.
  • Golden gourd of Djerdap
One of the oldest festivals in this area is the Golden Pumpkin Djerdapa, which is traditionally held in Tekija in the first half of August. The central event is a competition in the traditional catch of catfish.

Activities for children in Kladovo

  • Camping
The lush nature of Djerdap provides great conditions for camping. A great place for children is the Youth Camp Karatash, equipped with courts for various outdoor sports, sports hall, gym, pool, shooting range, bowling and artificial rock.
  • Beach
In the city center there is a beach on the Danube. During the summer, it is equipped with beach furniture and is one of the pleasant places for children.
  •  Cruising through the Djerdap gorge
The youngest visitors will also enjoy some of the excursions offered by the tourist organization. By boarding a boat or speedboat, they will be able to see and get to know the most famous attractions on the Danube coast, such as the Fetislam fortress, the Djerdap hydroelectric power plant and the remains of the famous Traian's Bridge and the Ada Kale fortress. The boat ride takes about an hour.

What to see in Kladovo?

Kladovo and its surroundings are rich in various historical monuments and natural resources. During your stay in Kladovo you can see and visit the following attractions:
  • Tabula Traiana
In the second century AD, the Roman emperor Traian built a road from Belgrade through the Djerdap gorge, all the way to the place where he built a bridge on the Danube. Tabula Traiana was set up at that place to celebrate this event. The sign cannot be reached today, because the only road was flooded during the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, but it can be seen from the Danube.
  • Traian's Bridge
Near Kladovo are the ruins of a bridge built by Emperor Trajan in the 2nd century AD.
  • Diana Zanes
Diana Nanes is one of the best preserved Roman fortifications in the region. It is located on the banks of the Danube, on a hill near the village of Sip. The Tourist Organization of Kladovo organizes individual and group tours of the site.
  • Fetislam
Fetislam is a Turkish fortress dating from the 15th century. Today, this site is a pleasant place for rest and recreation in nature, with an open amphitheater, sports fields and parking.
  • Djerdap Archaeological Museum
The museum is located in the central zone of Kladovo and is very easily accessible. The rich and unique collection of the museum consists of objects collected at prehistoric, Roman and medieval sites in the area of ​​Djerdap. The working hours of the museum are every day except Monday from 9 am to 5 pm. The price of an individual ticket is 300 dinars for adults and 150 dinars for students and pensioners.
  • Hydroelectric power plant Djerdap  I
The Djerdap I hydroelectric power plant is an exceptional attraction in the field of industrial heritage. The dates for organized visits are between 8 am and 2 pm and 3 and 3 pm and 5 pm. It is necessary to announce the visit by e-mail at least five days in advance. The price of a group visit is 300 dinars for adults and 200 dinars for children, and an individual visit costs 2000 dinars.

Accommodation in Kladovo

In Kladovo there are two hotels, two camps and many private apartments, rooms and accommodation.
  • Hotels
Two hotels are located in Kladovo, Aquastar Danube, with four stars, and Hotel Djerdap, with three stars. The price of a night in the Aquastar Danube hotel starts from 5291 dinars, and in the Djerdap Hotel it starts from 3170 dinars.
  • Private accommodation
The private accommodation that Djerdap offers is certainly more diverse and cheaper than hotel accommodation. You can find accommodation for the price of 1,176 dinars.
  • Camps
If you are interested in this type of vacation, you can find two camps in the vicinity of Kladovo. Youth camp Karatash is a great place for children, especially small athletes. Camp Miročka voda is located on a sandy beach 22 kilometers from Kladovo. It is an ideal place for fishermen, scouts and campers.

Important phone numbers and information

You can contact the Kladovo Tourist Organization by phone at 019 801 690 or by email at info@tookladovo.rs. The tourist organization is located at Dunavska 16a, and its info center at Ulica kralja Aleksandra 15.
In the following part of the text, we have picked a few more phone numbers that you may need during your stay in this place.

Important phone numbers

Ambulance: 019 808 024
Firefighters: 019 807 608
Kladovo Police Station: 019 801 444
Border Police: 019 801 311
Municipality of Kladovo: 019 801 450
Post office Kladovo: 019 801 411
Harbor Master's Office: 019 800 284
Veterinary clinic: 019 801 828
Veterinary pharmacy: 019 801 834
Kladovo Health Center: 019 801 455
City pharmacy: 019 800 210

Where to eat in Kladovo?

Its position on the Danube river makes Kladovo a place with several excellent fish restaurants. There are, of course, pizzerias and bakeries too.
  • Restaurants
You can try national specialties, primarily fish and barbecue recipes, in the restaurants Terasa, Imperator, Kafanica, Jezero, Alas, Danguba, Prince, Kralj želja, Crystal and Kum Goran.
  • Pizzerias
If you would rather go for pizza, there are also pizzerias Elite, Zero and Mona Lisa in Kladovo.
  • Bakeries
In Kladovo there are bakeries Kordunash and Bakery 82.

Where to go out in Kladovo?

Kladovo is a small place that does not have a developed nightlife. If you are eager to go out to a club or cafe, it is best to head to one of the larger city centers closest to Kladovo. If you would rather stay in the resort itself, you can choose one of several cafes or bars.
  • Pleasure point bar
Pleasure point is located on the promenade along the Danube, which makes it a great place for a relaxing holiday with a drink or cake.
  • Don Pepe bar
Don Pepe Bar is located in Kralja Aleksandra Street, which provides a relaxing atmosphere with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Caffe Car
Nearby, there is a cafe Car, where you can also take a short break in the evening.

Public transport and taxi in Kladovo

Since it is a small settlement, Kladovo does not have its own city transport. Due to its size, you should have no problems walking and exploring this resort. However, if you need transport to one of the surrounding places, taxi services are at your disposal.
  • Taxi service
Most taxi services are available 24 hours a day. The most famous services of this type in Kladovo are Taxi Potrčko (063 8029 523), Taxi Jojka (063 8022 216) and Taxi Rile (063 1742818).

Parking and public garages in Kladovo

Kladovo has no organized parking zones, closed public parking lots, or public garages. You can park your car along the streets, but keep in mind that Kladovo is a small village and that, therefore, the number of parking spaces is limited. Most hotels and apartments have their own private car parks available to guests.

Surroundings of Kladovo

The Tourist Organization of Kladovo organizes daily excursions by bus or boat, where you can get acquainted with some of the treasures that the surroundings of this settlement hide.
  • Djerdap National Park
Lovers of untouched nature will enjoy the charms of one of the six national parks in Serbia. Marked hiking and biking trails pass through the nature park, and the whole area is also amazing for hunting and fishing.
  • Belederijski waterfall
Only 15 kilometers from Kladovo, in the village of Reka, is hidden a gem of nature, Belederijski waterfall. It is 7 meters high.
  • Ethno complex Brza Palanka
The ethno house complex is located along the promenade along the Danube, in the village of Brza Palanka. There is a permanent display in the house with dishes, tools, costumes and other traces of the material culture of the Miroč, Ključ and Krajina surroundings.
  • Rajačke pimnice
Rajačke pimnice is a village complex composed of traditional stone houses. They are located in the village of Rajac, after which they got their name. Each house is a wine cellar, where visitors can enjoy tasting this drink.

History of Kladovo

  • Early history
In the first six centuries of the new era, this part of the Danube was part of the Roman province of Moesia and was an integral part of the unique, military-strategic defense system of the great Roman Empire. The historical monuments of Trajan's Tablet, Trajan's Bridge and several ruins of Roman fortifications originate from this period, the most famous of which is Diana Zanes. The area was also strategically important for the Turkish Empire, starting from the 14th century, when it was first occupied. Under the name Kladovo, this place was first mentioned in the 16th century.
  • Modern history
Kladovo finally became part of Serbia in 1833, thanks to the efforts of Prince Miloš Obrenović. The place gained special importance only during the SFRY, when a large shipyard operated there. In 1970, the Djerdap I hydroelectric power plant was built in Kladovo.

Geography and climate of Kladovo

  • Geography
Kladovo is located on the right bank of the Danube across from the Romanian Skela Kladovei. It’s the center of the eponymous Municipality of Kladovo, within which there are 22 more settlements. The municipality is bordered by the Slatina River and the Miroč Mountain. It covers the area of ​​Kljuc, part of the Djerdap gorge and part of the Negotin region. The settlement is the end point of eastern Serbia.
  • Climate
The climate of Kladovo is continental, with hot, warm summers with little precipitation, and long and cold winters, with snow from November. Winds are common, and usually bring heavy and sudden rainfall.

Demographics of Kladovo

  • There are 7375 adults living in Kladovo, and the average age of the population is 38.2 years.
  • There are 3155 households in the settlement.
  • This settlement is mainly inhabited by Serbs (88.31%), followed by Montenegrins (5.57%), Vlachs (1.22%) and Romanians (0.73%).

Tradition and culture of Kladovo

  • Since prehistoric times, the Danube has been the lifeblood of this area. Along its path, numerous traces remain that tell the story of the civilizations that once lived here, from prehistoric people, through the Roman Empire, to the Turkish Empire and more modern days. Even today, the inhabitants of Kladovo are tied to the Danube, as evidenced by their cuisine and numerous festivals that are organized to celebrate this great river.
  • Although this place is mostly inhabited by Serbs, the largest part of the population speaks the Vlach language, inheriting the Vlach culture and tradition.
  • As far as cultural institutions are concerned, there is the Djerdap Archaeological Museum, a theater and a library in Kladovo. 

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