The Pek river - the most important information

To say that Pek is a golden example among rivers is not an attempt at metaphor. From the time of ancient Rome until today, this river attracts visitors who follow its currents in search of something valuable. What the average passerby does not expect to see in the water are particles of real gold. Precisely because of this precious metal available to everyone, people come to the shore and look with longing at the Pek River. So, we can say that this river is rich, in the true sense of the word.

Characteristics of the river Pek
The river flows in a fairly calm course from the foot of the Crni Vrh mountain all the way to the Danube itself, into which it flows. Its full flow begins at the place where it is formed - at the confluence of two sister rivers, Mali and Veliki Pek. Throughout its length of about 129 km, Pek and the entire valley of this river offer some other riches. First of all, there is the lush vegetation of the valley but also the hidden life of the basin.

The most beautiful places by the river
The city that Pek is closest to is Kucevo. Near Kucevo there are access roads where you can relax, sunbathe or fish. The liveliest accesses to this river are located at its confluence with the Danube, near Veliko Gradiste. As Peck is navigable in this meeting place of two rivers, you can also see some boats and try your hand at rafting.

What to see
There is no doubt that what brings people to this river the most is the precious metal that can be found in its basin. Although the treasury of its flows is open to everyone, it still takes some skill to extract gold from the river. Unfortunately, only a few other people in the area can explain to you the traditional way of how gold is washed out of the sand and pulled out of the water. You can meet these people at the manifestation "Homoljski motivi" organized by the municipality of Kucevo. There you can see:
  • The traditional way of rinsing gold - only a simple wooden vessel called "ispitak" is used for this endeavor, so success mostly depends on skill.
  • Bazaar of old crafts - where you can see an exhibition of Homolje cheese and honey and try these traditional products of the Kucevo region.
  • Performances by folk artists - where you can enjoy music and dance to the sounds of traditional instruments, flutes and accordions.
Those who judge the value of the river in a different way here often like to try fishing. In Pek, you can usually catch chub and common nase that belong to the carp family.

Whichever way it takes you to the banks of this river, you will not regret it when you find yourself in its valley. By the river, you can find many places to rest, and the water refreshes even those who are just passing. If you come here at the right time, you will have the opportunity to learn something new and see all the reasons why this river is called Zlatni Pek (meaning: Golden Pek).

How to get to the Pek River
From the spring of Mali Pek, through Majdanpek, Kucevo, all the way to Veliko Gradiste, the spots for reaching the Pek banks are more or less accessible. However, you will see and experience the river best at the very confluence with the Danube, while you can easily reach it by car from the direction of Veliko Gradiste.
  • By car: you can approach the river banks with the local roads of the place through which it flows. 
Additional information
In the last 7km of the river flow, Pek is navigable for smaller boats.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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