Amatersko Pozorište Žanka Stokić

Kneza Lazara, Veliko Gradište, Srebrno jezero

Amatersko Pozoriste „Zanka Stokic“ – the most important information

The amateur theater located in Veliko Gradiste was named after a talented and gentle Serbian actress Zanka Stokic. Her tragic destiny has created a shield for the young generations of actors to protect the art of acting. Since 1999, after its foundation, this theater has welcomed actors of different ages but always celebrating youth.

History of the theatre
The Amateur Drama Theater was founded in 1999 as a place for young talents to perform. Its performing stages celebrate the actress Zanka Stokic and contribute to the rehabilitation of her name and work.

About Zanka Stokic
Zivana Zanka Stokic, an actress who revived characters from the pieces of Branislav Nusic, is the patroness of Amatersko Pozoriste in Veliko Gradiste. This city remembers her birth, and theaters all over Serbia remember her performances, which revealed her great talent.

Her greatest roles won numerous applauses and many hearts of the audience. Her most prominent role is certainly the character of Zivka in the play Gospodja Ministarka. It seemed that she got the role of the minister in the play even before the script got finished because the writer Branislav Nusic created it especially for her. Her acting talent but also her lovely attitude led her on the most beautiful paths for a while.

However, at a time when art can also become a crime, the communist government charged her with her acting. During the Second World War, they judged her for participating in the programs of Radio Belgrade, which at that time was under German rule. Zanka got convicted of crimes against the national part. They forbade her to act, and her punishment was cleaning the streets.

After two years, Zanka's case was reopened, and the sentence was mitigated. But, by the time she was allowed to return to the scene, her zeal was already extinguished. Exhausted by a long illness, she died three days after she was allowed to play at the theatre Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste.

Together with the League for the Protection of Private Property and Human Rights of Pozarevac, the theater Narodno Pozoriste in Belgrade submitted a request for the rehabilitation of Zanka Stokic, which was finally adopted on March 3, 2009. years.

Significance of the theatre
Amateur drama theater is a symbol of youth and zeal that can be felt in every performance. A special segment of the theater is the stage for young actors, which gives young talents the opportunity to appear in front of the audience

In 2006, AP "Zanka Stokic" got its own corner for children who enrich the call of acting with their imagination and sincere performances. Under the mentorship of Bogdan Milic, a longtime actor of this theater, the children performed a lot of plays in front of the audience.

Today, the whole theater has forty younger and older actors, who play for art above ideological and political influences.

Theatre repertoire
Since its founding, a large number of premieres have been performed in the theater, the most famous of which are:
  • Main stage
    • Boj na Kosovu (1999)
    • Urnebesna tragedija (1999)
    • Srce od voska (2000)
    • Audicija (2000)
    • Mi čekamo bebu 1 (2000)
    • Mi čekamo bebu 2  (2001)
    • Čudo u Šarganu (2002)
    • Draga Jelena Sergejevna (2002)
    • Kokoška (2003)
    • Ožalošćena porodica (2003)
    • Gospođa ministarka (2005)
    • Boing – boing (2006)
    • Duet za laž (2007)
    • Da li je to bila ševa  - (2008- dve premijere)
    • Sumnjivo lice (2010)
  • The stage for young actors
    • Kak`i smo bili srednjoškolci (2007)
    • Brak (2010)
    • Boing boing 2 (2011)
  • Children's stage
    • To vam je Gula (2006)
    • Pipi u zemlji čuda (2007)
    • Crvenkapa i zbunjeni vuk (2008)
    • Sama u kući (2009)
    • Čarobnjak iz Oza (2010)
    • Vaso Pikaso (2011)
    • Želim da znam i tačka (2012)
Working hours
Weekdays from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Ticket price: prices vary depending on the show.
How to get to the Amateur Theater
The amateur theater is located within the Cultural Center of Veliko Gradiste, in Kneza Lazara Street.
  • On foot: As this place is very close to the center of the town, you can reach it quickly on foot.
  • By car: If you are coming from the periphery, you can get down to the center by car.
Additional information
Near AP Zanka Stokic, there are a city church, town hall, and other famous institutions of Veliko Gradiste.

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