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Trebisnjica - the most important information

Have you heard of the river Trebisnjica? This river is a symbol of Trebinje and the first association that comes to mind to everyone who has been to this city at least once. It is the Herzegovinian river Ponornica, 96 and a half km long, which springs at an altitude of 398 m. The catchment area of ​​this river is 2,250 km2. Trebisnjica is part of a complex of rivers whose ultimate goal is the Adriatic Sea. Stay with us and learn more about its features, as well as the ways you can reach it in the easiest way.

Characteristics of the river Trebišnjica
The river Trebišnjica is suitable for sports due to its peaceful flow. It is characterized by exceptional cleanliness and clarity, which will especially attract diving enthusiasts. Also, Trebišnjica is a real attraction for fishermen due to its great fish wealth. This river is the habitat of many endemic species, such as fish "gaovice" and the famous "human fish", which inhabit underground streams. On the banks of Trebišnjica, you will be able to notice numerous picnic areas, among which Studenac and Lastva are the most visited. The construction of 7 hydroelectric power plants is planned on this river, of which the following have been completed so far: Trebinje I, Trebinje II, Dubrovnik and Capljina. Near the hydroelectric power plants Trebinje I and Trebinje II, 2 artificial lakes have been made: Bilećko and Goričko, which you can also visit when you come to this city.

Bridges on Trebišnjica
The shores of Trebišnjica are connected by a large number of bridges, of which the Perović (Arslanagić) Bridge, the Ivo Andrić Bridge and the Stone Bridge, famous for their beauty, stand out. In the Middle Ages and the first decades of Turkish rule, there were no bridges on this river.
  • Arslanagića bridge - was built in the 16th century, as part of a great endeavor to reconstruct the communications of the empire. Based on the notes of two French travel writers, it is concluded that the construction of this bridge was completed in 1573 or 1574. He was raised by the Grand Vizier Mehmed-pasha Sokolović. According to the elegance of the shape and the plasticity of the masses, the Arslanagić Bridge occupied an enviable place among the bridges of that time and could be measured on an equal footing with the Mostar and Visegrad bridges.
  • Ivo Andrić Bridge - dedicated to the famous writer Ivo Andrić, in whose works the motif of the bridge often appeared. This bridge is located in the center of Trebinje.
  • Stone bridge - the construction of this bridge lasted 4 years, and was completed in 1954. This harmonious building blended perfectly into the surrounding ambience and became a recognizable urban motif. You will be able to see this famous bridge on most of the postcards in Trebinje.
How to get to the river Trebišnjica and its famous bridges?
You can easily reach all the famous bridges on the river Trebišnjica from the city center - on foot.
  • From the center of Trebinje, you can reach the Arslanagić Bridge in 15 minutes via Vuka Mićunovića Street.
  • You can reach the Ivo Andrić Bridge even faster, in just 4 minutes across Preobraženska Street.
  • If you decide to visit the Stone Bridge, you will reach it in 7 minutes of easy walking (across Desanka Maksimović Street).


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