Muzej Hercegovine Trebinje

Stari Grad 59, Trebinje

Museum of Herzegovina Trebinje - the most important information

Welcome to the central regional museum institution of Eastern Herzegovina - the Museum of Herzegovina in Trebinje! This museum contains 5 permanent exhibits: archeological, ancient, ethnographic, the collection of Jovan Dučić and a collection of paintings by academic painters. It is located in the center of Trebinje, just a few hundred meters from the bus station, so you can reach it on foot.

History of the Museum of Herzegovina
The idea for founding a museum in Trebinje came from Jovan Dučić, a great Serbian poet of the last century. He bought decorative sculptures in Italy for that purpose, but, unfortunately, he did not wait for the realization of his idea. The Museum of Herzegovina was founded 9 years after his death in 1952. Since 1988, this museum is located in the building of the former barracks, in the old part of Trebinje.

What you can see here
In the Museum of Herzegovina, you can see Ducic's collection with valuable art exhibits, including his decorations, ambassador's uniform and his manuscripts. Also, there is a permanent archeological exhibition with valuable exhibits from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. In addition to the permanent exhibits, this museum also has legacies, such as the Legacy of the writer and sculptor Radovan Ždral, which contains 122 sculptures made of semi-precious stones. In addition, the premises of the Museum of Herzegovina also host occasional exhibitions, poetry recitals, book promotions, as well as music concerts, so that there will be some interesting things for each visitor.

How to get to the Museum of Herzegovina?
The Museum of Herzegovina is located in the center of Trebinje, so you can easily reach it.
  • It is only 800 meters away from the main bus station in this city, so it is easiest to reach it on foot (you will arrive in ten minutes via Svatovska Street).
  • If you come from another part of the city, feel free to call the taxi service (we recommend Alo Taxi +387 65 644-425) and enjoy the quality services of the most famous carrier in the city.
Working hours of the Museum of Herzegovina and ticket prices
  • You can visit the Museum of Herzegovina in Trebinje on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm. On weekends, working hours are a little different: on Saturdays (from 10 am to 8 pm) and on Sundays (from 2 pm to 8 pm).
  • The ticket for group visits from the Serbian-speaking area costs only 2 convertible marks, while the price for individual visits is 3 marks. Foreigners in groups pay 4 convertible marks, and those who come individually - 5 marks.
  • Entrance to the Museum is not charged to elementary school students and socially disadvantaged people.


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