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Museum of Broken Relationships - Most important information

The Museum of Broken Relationships was founded in 2011 and was created as an idea of ​​a former couple. It is dedicated to all failed love relationships, while all the exhibits and objects of former lovers are displayed in it, along with short descriptions. Due to its exceptional authenticity and originality, the Museum of Broken Relationships is the most visited Zagreb among tourists.

History of the Museum of Broken Relationships
The idea for something this unusual was born in 2003. Namely, film producer Olinka Vištica and academic painter Dražen Grubišić were in a love relationship for four years until 2003. The most considerable doubt then was what to do with everything they had left after the breakup. Three years after that idea, the two contact their friends and invite everyone to donate things and items they have from failed relationships. This idea was realized and shown for the first time in 2006, after which the collection of objects went on an extensive world tour.

Serbia, Argentina, Germany, the Philippines, and Singapore are just some countries that had the opportunity to see this innovative and original idea. All visitors had the chance to donate various items, which made the collection richer voluntarily. Although they did not enjoy much interest from the Ministry of Culture in Croatia, the original organizers of this museum rented a private space in the city with their funds in 2010. They thus became the first private museum in Zagreb.

The importance of the Museum of Broken Relationships
  • Specific concept and original idea: The Museum of Broken Relationships is an artistic concept that wants to initially show and protect the emotional shipwreck of a breakup. Although the idea itself is based on failed relationships, the Museum provides an opportunity for all tourists to display their love legacy right there. In this way, a certain period of life is kept from being forgotten and receives confirmation that a love relationship existed and ended.
Authentic objects that bear witness to a love shipwreck: Over time, the Museum of Failed Relationships has become a veritable treasure trove of emotional values and memories of past relationships. Each item has a short description, and often the authors are anonymous. The Museum today has over 4,000 authentic objects thanks to the original story.
  • Exceptional attendance and international recognition: The authenticity of this project is confirmed by the fact that thousands of people visited the Museum on its world tour, and today it is the most visited Museum in Zagreb. Also, in 2010, the Museum won the EMYA Kenneth Hudson award for Europe's most innovative museum project.
Opening hours and ticket prices
  • Opening hours: Opening hours in the summer are counted from June to September, when the Museum can be visited every day from 09:00 to 22:00. Working hours in winter are observed from October to May when the Museum is open to its visitors every day from 10:00 to 21:00. The Museum is closed on Christmas Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Easter Day, and All Saints' Day. It is open on New Year's Day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Ticket price: The price for adults is HRK 50, while pupils, students, people with disabilities, and pensioners can visit the Museum for HRK 40. Also, for group visits (more than 15 people), the price is HRK 40 per person, while a reservation is necessary.
How to get to the Museum of Broken Relationships?
The museum is located in an accessible place, and it is possible to reach it in several ways. It is practical to get it from any part of the city using transport, and it can also be reached on foot.
  • On foot: The Museum of Broken Relationships can be reached by easy walking from any part of the city since it is located in the central part of Zagreb. It is located near the street Katarinin Trg, and it is straightforward to reach from the direction of Gornji Grad.
  • By car: It is possible to reach the Museum by car, while several marked parking lots nearby can be used during the visit.
  • By bus: The Katarinin Trg bus stop is just 70 meters from the Museum, and bus line 150 goes there.


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