Lim Bay - The most important information

The Lim bay is a submerged karst canyon and bay on the west coast of Istria, between Rovinj and Vrsar. It was created as a submerged mouth of the river Pazincica, which once flowed into the sea in the Lim channel. Today, the Lim bay is a protected landscape of the entire Istria and represents one of this region's most famous natural destinations.

Characteristics of the Lim bay
The Lim bay represents a unique and specific area of ​​Istria, whose nature is full of perfect vegetation and diverse animal life. Because of this, this area is highly visited by both tourists and citizens of Rovinj and its surroundings.
  • The Lim bay is also the most extended Istrian bay: the Lim bay is part of the 35-kilometer-long Lim Valley, which reaches almost Pazin. The canal has a length of 12 kilometers, while from both ends of the canal there are magnificent hills, some of which reach a height of up to 200 meters. The tumultuous geological past of this area caused it to take on the appearance it has today.
  • Romuald's Cave can be reached by walking through the forest: Romuald's Cave is located near Lim bay, which can be reached by walking through a forest about 360 meters long. The length of the Cave is 105 meters, while the average temperature inside is around 12 degrees. The oldest remains of the first protohuman in Istria were found in the Cave, while the remains of as many as 31 animal species, such as lions, bears, leopards, wolves, and others were found.
The importance of the Lim bay
Today, the Lim bay is a protected natural reserve and delights all those who visit it. At the same time, the canal is also a critical shellfish breeding ground today, while numerous plant and animal species are nurtured here and protected from potential extinction. The natural and untouched environment in which the Lim bay is located favors various animals and plants that cannot be found in other parts of Croatia.

How to get to the Lim bay?
The Lim bay can be reached from any direction of Rovinj, and it is best to do so by car due to the length of the road.
  •  By car: If you are coming from the interior and the village of Rovinj, you need to follow Rudjer Boskovic Alley, i.e., road D303, to reach the city center. Then, follow the Road to Valalta-Lim, which will bring you directly to the bay.


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