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Trg Svete Eufemije, Rovinj

Saint Euphemia Church - Most important information

The Church of St. Euphemia is a baroque building in the Venetian style, and it is also the most important and famous monument in the whole of Rovinj. In the place where this imposing church is located today, until the 10th century, there was a small church of St. George. The interior wealth of the church and its exterior decoration and ornaments make it one of the most beautiful buildings in Croatia.

History of the Church of St. Euphemia
The history of this church dates back to the year 800 when the coffin of the Christian martyr Euphemia was delivered to the city. Therefore, at the beginning of the 10th century, a new, larger church began to be built where the coffin of this saint would be placed. Not long after, the martyr Euphemia became the city's patroness, together with St. George.
  • In 1178, the church became Kaptolska: By the decision of Pope Alexander III, the church became Kaptolska. At that time, the church had three altars; years in advance, constant repairs were made to the church and roof. In 1720, it was decided to start the construction of a new church, which would be worthy of such a great martyr who rests in it. In 1728, the church was completed, and the coffin is where it is today.
  •  The largest painting in the church is the depiction of the Last Supper: The Last Supper is the largest and most important painting in the church and was created in 1574 by the painter Giovanni Contarini. Other images in the church show Jesus in Gethsemane and the apostles sleeping. They are mostly damaged, while their authors are unknown.
The importance of the Church of St. Euphemia
The Church of St. Euphemia today represents one of the most significant buildings in the entire city, and its historical development has determined its popularity today. At the top of the church today, there is a statue of the town's patroness, placed on bearings so that it turns around its axis, depending on the wind. From the top, there is a beautiful view of Rovinj and its surroundings; when it's obvious, you can even see the Alps.

How to get to the Church of St. Euphemia

It is possible to reach the Church of St. Euphemia from any direction of the city since it is located on the Rovinj peninsula. Therefore, it is possible to move by car from the city's interior while reaching it on foot from the coast.
  • By car: If you are traveling to the Church of St. Euphemia from the inner city, you can follow De Amicis Street and Pietra Ive Street. From the direction of the Rovinj terminal, it is best to follow Giuseppe Garibaldi Street.
  • On foot: The Church of Saint Euphemia is also the main symbol of the Old Town in Rovinj, so a walk through this tourist area will bring you to this large and significant building. It is necessary to follow Casale Street from the center of the old town to see the Church of Saint Euphemia.


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