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Zlatni rt, Rovinj

Golden Cape Rovinj - The most important information

Golden Cape forest park, or Punta corrente, is one of Rovinj's most important natural attractions. The uniqueness of the Golden Cape was recognized by the fact that this area was declared a protected forest park in 1961. Today, this is one of the most popular destinations in Rovinj, and it is the first choice for all citizens of Rovinj during the weekend.

History of Golden Cape
The story of Golden Cape begins in the 19th century, when Georg Hütterott bought four islands of the Rovinj archipelago, namely the islands of Saint Andrija, Maskin, Sturag, and Saint Ivan. At that time, around 90 hectares of the Zlatni rt area began landscaping to build a climatic health resort. Although his untimely death interrupted this project, those years represent the beginning of tourism development in this area.

The importance of Golden Cape in Rovinj
Golden Cape today represents an ideal place for various sports activities and a quality natural holiday. This entire area is closed to vehicles, which testifies to the natural wealth it possesses and the peace and recreation that should be provided to every visitor.
  • Various sports activities are possible on Golden Cape: This area is ideal for performing multiple games and sports activities, and it is also perfect for vacationing with the family. Running, cycling, and outdoor exercise are popular here, while an old quarry has been transformed into a paradise for free climbing enthusiasts.
  • The beaches on the Golden Cape provide an ideal afternoon swim: As is the case on the rest of the coast, here you can also find rocky shores with a more difficult entrance to the sea. There are also a couple of pebble coves that are suitable for children, and at several locations along the coast, there are bars where you can refresh and enjoy the view.
How to get to Golden Cape in Rovinj?
Zlatni rt is located on a peninsula, on the very coast of the sea, isolated from the noise and crowds of the city. It is possible to reach it by car, but also on foot if you are somewhere nearby. Near the cape there is a parking place called Monvi, where it is possible to leave the car and continue to Zlatni rt.
  •  By car: If you are coming from the direction of the Old Town and the Church of St. Euphemia, it will take you about 10 minutes to drive to Zlatni Rta. It is necessary to follow the street Vijenac brace Lorenzetto, and then the street Centener, which will lead you to the cape. If your starting point is in the interior of Rovinj, following Brace Bozic Street you will reach the Road to Skaraba, and then to this nature reserve.
  • On foot: If you are coming from the direction of the Old Town, it is possible to reach Golden Cape along the coast. From the direction of the interior, you need to follow the Promenade for Skalaba, which will lead you to the cape.


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