Restaurant Hari's Creperie is an excellent place for sweet and tasty specialties and pancakes. It is a Belgrade restaurant in the heart of the Obilic mountain range, which offers its guests a variety of sweet and salty tastes. Hari's Creperie, thanks to its busy work and outstanding commitment to the wishes of its guests, quickly became an authentic brand in the entire city. Every day, Hari's Creperie offers its guests unusual tastes, different combinations of ingredients, and the creation of entirely new recipes based on each individual's ideas. The widely recognizable pancakes, waffles, and crepes served with fresh fruit, chocolate, various toppings, coconut, or nuts make this restaurant stand out. We also offer savory versions of these dishes, where you can try flavors such as dried meat products, vegetables, different spreads, and many others. In addition, several specialties are offered, such as chocolate longing, energy bars, and various set meals. Hari's Creperie restaurant is waiting for you at a well-known address and is open every weekday from 09:00 to 24:00, while on weekends, it is open until 01:00.


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  • Italian
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