The 15 Best Water Parks in Europe

Is there anything more refreshing than an exciting trip to a refreshing water park during the hot summer heatwave? Adrenaline-packed extreme slides, long lazy rivers, and colorful family-friendly pirate ships are just a couple of examples of creative attractions that make these wonderful water kingdoms universally beloved. Grab some sunscreen and join us on the ride through our picks for the 15 best water parks in Europe. 

Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain

A ride down Siam Park's Lazy River with the thematical Thai architecture as a backdrop
photo credit: Stephen Jones

Siam Park is widely recognized as one of the best water parks and frequently appears near the top of all lists. This gigantic magical kingdom nestled on the remote Canary Islands earned TripAdvisor’s Best waterpark award for the seventh year in a row. The unique backdrops, inspired by spectacular Thai architecture, are the main reason behind Siam Park’s charm. Roam through the titanic palaces, discover the ancient ruins, and even meet an imposing dragon guarding one of the slides. The unlikely collision of Tenerife’s lively atmosphere and memorable Thai culture created a truly unique place.


The enormous Siam Park complex boasts 25 buildings and a myriad of different pools, slides, restaurants, and many other attractions. All of them are separated into three categories: adrenaline rides, family-friendly activities, and relaxing sites. We picked some of the fan favorites.

  • Tower of Power is a 28 meter-long vertical, transparent slide that takes the riders through an aquarium full of sharks and rays. You can reach a speed of up to 80km/h!
  • The Vulcano is a four-person slide with a laser show inside of its spectacular large bowl-like structure.
  • The Dragon is a magnificent slide with a vertical funnel that offers a true sensation of zero gravity. The slide is guarded by a colossal mythical creature.
  • Mekong Rapids challenge you try to conquer the wild waves inspired by the longest river in South Asia. The Wave Palace boasts the biggest artificial waves in the world, rising to an incredible 3 meters high. The vast, pristine-white beach makes the experience even more memorable.
  • Mai Thai River is the world's longest lazy river and a perfect spot to unwind after an exciting, action-packed day.
  • Jungle Snakes are four twisting slides that take their riders on a long, immersive adventure through the park’s distinctive scenery. 

Additional Info

Siam Park is located in Costa Adeje, a coastal suburb in the city of Tenerife, on the largest of the Canary Islands. The park offers a bus service, which is the easiest way to reach this attraction if you’re staying in Tenerife’s tourist hotspot, Los Gigantes. The park is open from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 10.00 and 18.00.

Categories Prices
Adults €38
Children €26
Children under 2 years Free

Rulantica (Europa-Park), Rust, Germany

A family sliding through the water on a rollercoaster in Europa-Park, Rust

Europa-Park has well-deserved its status as the second most popular theme park in Europe, overshadowed only by Disneyland Paris. The success of the magnificent amusement park soon opened the doors for the rise of an equally impressive sister location, Rulantica. The unusual look of this enormous water world was heavily inspired by Nordic culture and mythology. Rulantica was designed as a fictional island in the North Sea, a magical place ruled by mermaids, trolls, sea monsters, and countless other curious mythical critters. Looks like real summer fun and Scandinavian spirit can go hand in hand, after all.


The colossal world of Rulantica is divided into nine thematic areas. The heart of the water park is the indoor area tucked beneath one of the largest domes in Europe. The park consists of 27 slides and various other attractions, suitable for different age groups: from toddlers to adventure-seeking adrenaline lovers.

  • Falrok is a colorful slide that will take you on a long, twisted ride, riddled with unexpected twists and turns.
  • Hugin features two parallel slides, perfect for friendly duels and races with friends or family.
  • Isbrekker slides are reserved for the bravest adventurers. High-speed slalom down the ice palace Vinterhal ends with a dramatic jump into the pool.
  • Frigg Temple was built by sea people to honor the goddess of love. The area features a large outdoor pool and Tempel Krog bar serving a unique Nordic twist.
  • Skip Strand is a paradise for little pirates. Shaped like a sunken ship, this attraction hides many treasures, tempting the youngest adventurers to uncover all of its secrets.
  • Snorri's Saga is an enchanting lazy river, ready to take you on a journey through radiant underwater caves.

Additional Info

Rulantica is situated at the gates of Rust, a town in Freiburg in Southern Germany. The town’s biggest claim to fame is the world-renowned Europa-Park, located only three kilometers from the water kingdom. Directly opposite Rulantica lies another intriguing place, the museum hotel Krønasår. It houses a extensive natural history exhibition and allows the visitors to walk in the footsteps of famous adventurers. Rulantica is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. The outdoor sections are available only from May until September.

Categories From 10 am  From 5 pm From 7 pm
Adults (12+) €42.00 €39.00 €28.50
Children (4-11) €39.00 €36.00 €28.50
Infants (under 4) Free Free Free
Senior visitors (60+) €39.00 €36.00 €28.50

PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park, Tarragona, Spain

Colorful, twisting slides and crystalline pools of PortAventura's Caribe inspired qater park
photo credit: Ana Santibañez

With its intricate architecture and rich cultural heritage, Barcelona is a destination that allures millions of tourists. Gaudi’s colorful and exuberant structures are the best-known symbols of Catalonia’s vibrant capital city, but far from the only landmark you can enjoy while visiting Barcelona. Nearby PortAventura World promises a nice change of pace. What made the amusement park so popular are thrilling roller coasters, but PortAventura also hosts one of the most exciting water parks in Europe. Rides and backdrops are designed with the idea to take the visitors on a journey to the Caribbean Sea, into a world of pirates, tropical beaches, and palm trees. 


Caribe Aquatic Park is divided into two zones, the Indoor and the Outdoor Zone. Take a stroll through the immersive world and discover some of PortAventura’s most beloved water attractions. Sixteen attractions, four restaurants, and two shops lie tucked among the magical Caribbean scenery, between waterfalls and sandy beaches.  

  • King Khajuna is Europe's tallest free-fall slide, peaking at incredible 31 meters. Inspired by the Hawaiian legend of king Khajuna, this ride is, without doubt, fit for a royal.
  • Slides: Caribe Aquatic Park host many memorable slides. Explore the twists of thrilling Mambo Limbo or face the challenge of massive El Torrente and Barracudas.   
  • El Río Loco: Throw yourself into a crazy and amazing aquatic adventure through the 1500 meter-long journey on PortAventura’s unpredictable lazy river.
  • El Gran Caribe: A lovely indoor zone perfect for kids of all ages. Adults can relax on a sun lounger while their kids explore the colorful, family-friendly area.
  • Bahama Beach: If you want to recharge after a hectic day brimming with activities, head to the park’s idyllic beach. A paradisical tropical atmosphere will make you feel like you’re really in the distant Bahamas. 

Additional Info

Situated on the Costa Daurada, in Tarragona, PortAventura World is well-connected to all transport networks. No matter how or where you are coming from, the strategic location of the amusement makes it very easy to reach in all cases. Reus Airport is located within 15 minutes of it and Barcelona Airport within an hour. There’s also a train station for PortAventura which has connections to Barcelona and Tarragona. If you’re staying in Barcelona for a while and have a day or two to spare, PortAventura World is an unforgettable destination for the whole family.

Categories Web Ticket Office
Adults (11-59) €29 €32
Children (4-10) and Seniors (60+) €25 €28
Infants (0-4) Free Free

Zoomarine, Algarve, Portugal

Crystalline kiddy pools in Zoomarine water park, Algarve
photo credit: Joseolgon

Looking for ideas to plan a unique summer trip? The tale of Zoomarine is significantly different from all the other water parks, so it may be the perfect place to start. Unlike its countless counterparts, Zoomarine’s focus isn’t directed towards action-packed slides. The slides are still there, of course. But other less usual attractions are what truly make this water park shine. Zoomarine pretends to offer a Three-In-One experience. In addition to regular rides and pools, the Portuguese amusement park hosts a variety of animal shows and a lovely aquarium. A well-balanced mix of fun and wildlife education turned Zoomarine into one of the most visited family destinations in Algarve.


Zoomarine provides moments of aquatic fun for children and grownups alike. Enjoy the classic summer fun, including wave beaches and fantastic water slides, or pick something a bit different. The park features an amazing aquarium with sharks, various diverse habitats, 4D Cinema, and presentations with dolphins and seals.

  • Zoological attractions: Discover the diversity of terrestrial and aquatic life in their diverse habitats. Dive into the colorful, underwater world of aquarium Oceanus and meet the chatty macaws, alligators, tortoises, and many other animals of Zoomarine.
  • Zoomarine Beach: Explore the big aquatic fun area, featuring several slides, lazy Rio dos Cocos, and a breathtaking wave beach.
  • Dolphine Emotions: Dolphins always manage to steal the show. Visitors can watch these quick-witted animals perform their tricks or even dive into the water and meet them up close. 

Additional Info

The water park is located in Guia, just a few kilometers from Albufeira. It is widely considered the best family theme park in the Algarve region, in the southern region of Portugal. The park organizes its bus rides from different regions of Portugal for an extra fee. Zoomarine opens its doors to visitors in May, and it’s available until late October. 

Categories High Season (19/05 to 18/09) Low Season (19/09 to 31/10)
Adults €31,50 (online) / €35,00 (in park) €26,00 (online) / €29,00 (in park)
Kids (>10) and Seniors (60+) €25,00 (online) / €25,00 (in park) €19,00 (online) / €21,00 (in park)

Suntago Water World, Poland

Colorful multislide under the dome of Suntago, Poland
photo credit: Radosław Botev

The title of largest European indoor water park goes to Poland. Suntago Water World features a gigantic maze of twisting, entwined slides and tubes. This enormous net of multicolored rides will leave even the most hardcore adrenaline lovers impressed. The best part? Suntago Water World isn’t even finished yet. As of 2021, only the first phase of the project was completed. We can only imagine how impressive the entire complex will look when it reaches its full potential.  


At the moment, Suntago features three separate zones catering to different needs. Pick one of the dizzying rides or relax under the palms. It’s all up to you. The park also offers a Wellness & SPA experience for people who want to pamper themselves and spend some quality me-time.

  • Jamango is a dense indoor jungle packed with tons of distinct rides. The area consists of 32 themed slides for children and adults. 
  • Relax area calls you to cool down among the leaves of the real palms in a lush, tropical forest. Eight pools and Adventure River meandering through the caverns make the whole experience even more joyful.
  • Saunaria offers a different kind of fun, showcasing its 12 themed attractions of various kinds.

Additional Info

You can find Suntago Water World in central Poland, in the small village of Wręcza. The Polish capital Warsaw lies only about 50 kilometers southwest of the park, which makes it relatively easy to reach. The park is located between the S8 expressway and the A2 motorway. One major advantage of this massive indoor complex is its availability throughout the entire year. Opening hours may vary depending on the season, but it always keeps its doors open for visitors. 

Categories Prices
Adult (16-65) 119 PLN (€26.10)
Children (up to 120 cm) 109 PLN (€23.91)
Infants (0-3) 1 PLN (€0.22)
Seniors (65+) 99 PLN (€21.72)

Aqualand, Corfu, Greece

Corfu, the second-largest Ionian Island, displays both the stunning natural vignettes and seldom abundant cultural heritage. But, if you’re seeking an adventure-packed family attraction, Aqualand water park is a perfect spot for you. With over 50 rides, Aqualand claims to be one of the biggest amusement parks on the continent. A wide specter of varying activities promises fun for people of all ages. 


  • Family Adventure includes several rides suitable both for kids and adults alike. Jaw-dropping Tornado slide and speedy Bump Racers are some of the highlights of this area of the park.
  • The Thrill is reserved for adventure seekers ready to face a challenge. Extreme rides such as the towering Free Fall and unpredictable Hydrotube are some of the fan favorites.
  • The Kids area is home to several attractions that look like they got pulled off straight from a fairytale. Pirate Area and Fantasy Island will keep the tireless kids occupied. 
  • Pools: Aqualand also offers a variety of adventurous, exciting, and relaxing pools for every age. Conquer the thrilling Wave Pool or unwind in the relaxing Jacuzzi. 

Additional Info

Aqualand is situated 14 kilometers from the town of Corfu on the Pelekas national road, after the village of Agios Ioannis. To visit Aqualand you can use public transport or your own vehicle. Aqualand is the final stop of the No.8 bus route from Corfu Town to Afra/Agios Ioannis. The water park is open from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Categories Prices
Adults (13-65) €27
Children (4-12) €19
Infants (0-4) Free
Seniors (65+) €19

Lalandia Aquadome, Billund, Denmark

Pools, slides, and a meandering lazy river in the indoor water park Lalandia, Denmark

The word ‘Scandinavia’ often invokes the images of long, somber winters. And, yet, Denmark’s Lalandia Aquadome park is successful proof that the cold north can be an epicenter of summer fun too. Scandinavia’s largest water park brings the spirit of the tropics into the landlocked city of Billung. The palm trees and exotic backdrops of the Aquadome create a striking contrast with the snowy attraction next door, Lalandia Winter World. If you want to experience the best of both worlds and can’t pick between the sultry tropical islands and wintry ski slopes, Lalandia offers both at the same time. 


The tropic water park is packed with world-class experiences. Slalom down the action-packed water slides, ride the waves in the wave pool or sit back and savor life in one of the hot jacuzzis. Lalandia Aquadome also offers wellness experiences and relaxation for both children and adults.

  • Turbo Racer is a must-see for the very bravest water enthusiasts. Tame the lightning-fast transparent ride ending with a dramatic descent. 
  • Twister is the wild, fun water slide that spins you round and round in a huge funnel before you hurtle on towards the Aquadome. 
  • The Tornado offers an adventurous journey for the entire family.
  • Octopus lets you challenge your family or friends to a race through the four parallel winding tubes.
  • Lalandia Aquadome’s Pools were designed with a lot of love and creativity. The Cave pool emulates the sights of a gorgeous coral reef, while the Activity pool presents a fun challenge for the entire family. 

Additional Info

Lalandia amusement park’s home is the city of Billund, also known for its incredible Legoland theme park. Billund is located approximately 13 kilometers from Grindsted, 56 kilometers from Esbjerg, and 27 kilometers from The Regional Capital of Vejle. The distance from Billund Airport to Lalandia is 3 km. There is no shuttle bus from the airport to Lalandia, but you can order a taxi on arrival. For visitors who come by train to Vejle, there are direct bus connections to Billund. The nearest bus stop is located at Legoland amusement park. 

Categories Prices
Adults  DKK 290 (€39.00)
Children (under 12) DKK 240 (€32.27)
Children (under 3) Free

Alpamare, Pfäffikon, Switzerland

A man and a woman float on the tubes in an Asian themed pool

Our next water parks take us to the frigid Swiss Alps, a place that nestles one of the first indoor water parks in Europe. With an almost 40-years long tradition, Alpamare specializes in exciting rides. The complex is open all year long, even during the winter season. Palm trees and enigmatic Mayan-themed ruins offer a drastic change of scenery if you ever get tired of all that snow and ice. For maximal enjoyment, spoil yourself in one of the thermal baths in a truly Alpine fashion.


After so many years of operating, Alpamare is still the largest water park in Switzerland. The large indoor pool leads to twelve different rides, fitting for all ages. The wellness and fitness sections of the complex are also worth a try. 

  • Balla Balla is the centerpiece of the water park. This 261-meter long ride starts in the dark and finds its ingenious highlight in the light.
  • IceXpress is a 158-meter long tube, themed as an ice channel. There’s no Alps without at least a bit of ice…
  • Thriller takes you on a 130 meters long dark tube. Colorful lights dance on its walls, creating a fun optical illusion. 
  • Alpa Therme is equipped with massage jets, effervescent couches, underwater music, and a waterfall grotto.
  • Rio Mare takes you on a 100-meter long circuit where you can drift with the current. A breathtaking view of Lake Zurich and the ethereal Swiss mountains awaits at the end of the ride.

Additional Info

Pfäffikon is located on the left bank of Lake Zurich at the foot of the Etzel. If you’re traveling by car, take the highway A3 exit Pfäffikon/SZ, drive in the direction of Pfäffikon and then follow the signs to Seedamm Center and later Alpamare. The Alpamare is already signposted at the highway exit. You can reach the Alpamare directly by public transport easily. 

Categories Prices
Adults (from 16 years) CHF 53.00 (€49.43)
Children (6 to 15 years) CHF 43.00 (€40.10)
Toddler (0 to 5 years) CHF 10.00 (€9.33)

Caribe Bay, Jesolo, Italy

Thematic tobogans among the ruins

Another unforgettable water park awaits just a step from one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the world, Venice. This charming Caribbean-inspired water domain regularly reaps the awards for the top amusement park in Italy. Formerly known as Aqualandia, Caribe Bay switched its name to better suit its new theme. Mimicking the Bahamian atolls, this water park aims to take you in a colorful world of white-sand beaches, paradise-like oasis, and, of course, pirates.  


Painstakingly dedicated to its theme, the park is dedicated in ten distinct areas. Each sector brings its distinct flavor. Even the park entrance with shops and restaurants resembles a vibrant storybook coastal town. The real fun, however, starts with many rides of Caribe Bay.

  • Laguna de Oro is Caribe Bay's largest pool, surrounded by scenic greenery and thematic backgrounds. 
  • Shark Bay may sound threatening at first, but it’s one of the best spots for unwinding in the park. Crystal clear waters, white Caribbean sand, natural umbrellas made of banana leaves, and beach bars seem like a winning recipe for a relaxing day off. 
  • Battle Intrigo: The towering fortress protecting Caribe Bay and the galleons moored there create the perfect setting for a furious battle. With the water cannons, of course.
  • The slides are the main draw of Caribe Bay. The particularly notable one is Captain Spacemaker, one of the tallest on the continent. Mayan-themed Apocalypse and Tortuga Sky are also fan favorites. 
  • The tallest bungee jumping tower in Europe is a star attraction of the park. Are you ready to leap a 60-meter tall platform? 

Additional Info

A seaside resort town Jesolo was a perfect match for such a colorful amusement park. The town lies 40 kilometers north of Venice. Caribe Bay is well-connected with both cities by public transport. Bus No. 5 and Caribe Bay train make the trip to the park rather simple. 

Categories Prices
Over 140 cm €35
100-140 cm €31
Under 100 cm Free

Tropical Islands, Halibe, Germany

Aerial view of the tropical resort under the dome of the former airship hangar
photo credit:Tropical Islands Resort 

Tropical islands near often muggy, landlocked Berlin sound like a fever dream. This unusual water park managed to bring the breath of the Pacific straight into the heart of northern Germany. Of all the amusement parks in the world, Tropical Islands have the most peculiar origin story. The titanic structure that houses the water park was originally constructed as a military airship hangar. By the strange twists and turns of history, the Aerium hangar was transformed into a lush, exotic rainforest. Long sandy beaches, thematic villages, and a myriad of rides now create this sprawling indoor kingdom.  


Each of the five areas of the park has a distinctive look inspired by different cultures. Thematic buildings and matching vegetation add plenty of personality. 

  • Tropical Sea brings a gorgeous sandy beach under the palm trees. The beach also features the mysterious Princess Moana, a perfect spot for restless kids.
  • Magical Lagoon is tucked among the picturesque cliffs adorned with atmospheric Balinese huts.Water slides descend from the 27-meter high water slide tower. The attraction contains four different rides, ranging from a leisurely family slide to a high-speed extreme experience.
  • Amazonia is the outdoor section of the park. Its most notable feature is the Whitewater River, a 250 meter-long wild water channel.
  • The Tropical Village resembles the traditional sites from Thailand, Borneo, Samoa, and Bali. It is also home to most of the restaurants and cafés at the resort.
  • Rainforest invites the explorers on an exciting journey through the jungle. This unique botanical garden is also home to flamingos, macaws, and turtles.

Additional Info

Tropical Islands is located approximately 60 kilometers south of the center of Berlin and 50 kilometers from the southern boundary of the city. It is close to Briesen/Brand in the south of the municipality of Halbe. The theme park is on the site of the former Soviet airfield Brand, in the former Aerium hangar. The resort can be reached by taking the A13 autobahn or by taking a train to Brand Tropical Islands, followed by a free shuttle bus.

Categories Prices
Adults €46.00
Children (0-5) Free
Children (6-11) €36.50 
Seniors (65+), students, volunteers € 36.50 

Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece

Boomerango slide in Faliraki water park

Faliraki is the biggest water park on the magical island of Rhodes. Unlike the previous contenders, this park offers a return to the basics. Instead of focusing on the flashy decor, Faliraki sticks to a simple traditional Grecian white and blue color palette. The focus shifted solely on the rides. And that’s where Faliraki delivers. This water park offers a wide specter of attractions, making it easy to find something to do. From toddlers to seniors who would rather relax in a simple pool, anyone can find an enjoyable activity in Faliraki. 


The rides and other activities are divided into four different categories, according to the age group:

  • Attractions for everyone include the basics: the exciting wave pool, the obligatory lazy river, swimming pool, and a wet bubble, slippery slope perfect for both sliding and bouncing.
  • The Family slides feature a bunch of fun rides that everyone can enjoy. Spooky Black Hole slides and the traditional Multislide promise a joyful experience for the entire family.
  • Attractions for kids await in a splashy wonderland ideal for children aged 3 to 12 years old, but also toddlers 0 to 3 years old.  
  • Extreme slides will bring you on top of the world before the dropdown gets your adrenaline pumping.

Additional Info

The water park’s hometown is Faliraki, the biggest seaside resort village on the Greek island of Rhodes. It lies on Faliraki Bay, on the northeastern coast, about 14 kilometers south of the town of Rhodes and 10 kilometers southeast of the Rhodes International Airport. Transportation to the Waterpark is provided from Rhodes town and Southern Rhodes island (Kiotari, Lindos, Pefkoi, Kolymbia) by the free bus transfer.

Categories Prices
Adults (12+) €24
Children (3-12) €16
Infants (0-3) Free

AquaPark Druskininkai, Lithuania

Aerial view of an indoor pool with faux rocks

Druskininkai’s claim to fame was healing mineral water. The resort was opened in 1794 and kept its reputation as the best Lithuanian spa to these days. But, modern times require modern additions, so Druskininkai spa got a lovely water park as its shiny new attraction. Under its massive dome, AquaPark offers 30,000 square meters of water fun. In addition to waterslides, pools, and sandy beaches, this water park also specializes in bathhouses and saunas. There are 19 of them, and each of them pays homage to different traditional bathhouses, from Japan to Russia. 


  • Water slides are, as usual, the stars of the show. Bermudas slide is the longest ride, spiced up by sound and light effects that will enhance your senses. Extreme and Adrenaline are reserved for the bravest riders, while Stream offers a more relaxing experience.
  • Bathhouse Area invites you to reward your body and soul with the special sauna programs. Each of the 19 individual saunas has a unique twist.
  • Druskininkai Swimming Pools, surrounded by palm trees and cascades, truly look idyllic. 
  • Children Area promises great fun for the youngest family members. This section features climbing structures, slides, a monkey bridge, a mysterious jungle, and even a special bathhouse adapted just for kids.

Additional Info

Druskininkai is a spa town on the Nemunas River in southern Lithuania, close to the borders of Belarus and Poland. The town lies at the Ratnyčia River estuary to the Nemunas River and, surrounded by the picturesque landscape of a natural forest reserve. 

Categories Prices
Adults (18+) €25
Students (7-17)  €18
Children (3-6)  €12
Children (0-2)  €0,5
Seniors (60+)  €25

Hydromania, Rome, Italy

Hydromania can be proud of its amazing location, just outside of the ever-popular city of Rome. The scenery of the Italian park was also inspired by the tropical islands. Exciting water slides for thrill-seekers and multiple swimming pools are some of the attractions you can enjoy in the Roman park. If you want to escape the summer heat and the crowded streets of the city, Hydromania is the place to go. 


  • Water slides are diverse and offer different types of excitement. Black Hole and Big River are two intertwined slides. K2 is an extreme 20 meters high freefall slide, while Wave Ride and Dual Spin Bowl offer unforgettable fun for the whole family. 
  • Kids Lagoon is the cozy water realm created for the little pirates. 
  • Waves is the largest swimming pool in the park, equipped with water jets, geysers, and spectacular waves at all hours of the day. 

Additional Info

You can find Hydromania only 15 kilometers away from the city center of Rome, which makes the park a perfect nearby spot to cool off during the summer heatwaves. The park is open to visitors from May to September. The excellent location makes Hydromania quite easy to reach both by public and private transportation.

Categories Prices
Adults €25
Children €19
Children up to 100 cm Free

Istralandia, Istra, Croatia

Aerial view of the pools and slides of Istralandia
photo credit: Jigsaw79

The first water park in Croatia regularly reaps all awards, and many consider it one of the best in the Balkans. This amazing aquatic world spreads over 81 000 m2,  boasting over 20 colorful rides. Istralandia is equally amazing for adrenaline-lovers as for family-oriented relaxing days in the sun. There are enough rides for everyone. Step into the vibrant domain of Istralandia and discover why it earned the prestigious Parksmania award for the best amusement park in Europe.


  • The Family area offers pure fun and pleasure for people of all ages. Crazy Hills is made of six parallel tracks ideal for a racing competition. Bunga Hole is the first slide on the European continent enchanted with audio and visual effects. The Escape Hole is a labyrinthine ride that ends in a fast-spinning bowllike slide. 
  • The Kids area was designed to look like an eye-catching storybook world. Discover the glorious pirate castles and half-submerged shipwrecks.
  • The Adrenaline rides highlight Istralandia’s most intense water slides, pools, and attractions. Ocean and marine exploration collide on the visually outstanding Space Combo. The tallest slide in the park, the Free Fall, lets the riders enjoy the panorama before plunging them down a dramatic slope.

Additional Info

Istralandia is located in Brtonigla municipality, in Istria County. The amusement park lies on the direct Novigrad-Nova Vas highway exit and the main road between the highway and the town of Novigrad, only 5 kilometers away from the Adriatic seashore. It’s well-connected with all the major towns on the Istria peninsula by public transport.

Categories Prices
Over 140 cm 230,00 Kn (€30.67)
100-140 cm or 70+ 180,00 Kn (€24)

Etnaland, Sicily, Italy

A crowd in a wavy pool decorated by the Mayan sculptures
photo credit: Orazio2004Mascali

The next thrilling water park takes us to Italy once again, this time to sunny Sicily. As the biggest amusement park in Southern Italy, Etnaland has a lot to offer. The complex is divided into two sectors, a traditional theme park and a water park. With over 25 attractions and a total of 8,500 square meters of swimming pools, this thematic kingdom is one of Europe’s biggest amusement parks. On a cloudy day, you can try out a myriad of different roller coasters and other unusual steampunk-themed thrill rides. If you’re, however, looking for a refreshment on a hot Sicilian day, the water rides will exceed all the expectations. 


  • Titania is an impressive, majestic slide featuring an unpredictable combo of closed and bowlike slides.
  • The Colosseum brings a part of Rome to the Sicilian soil. Mimicking the shape of the famous arena, this ride is almost equally massive.
  • Stukas is the steepest extreme slide in the park. Are you ready to accept the challenge?
  • The Rafting River embarks on an adventure through Etnaland’s cliffs and landmarks. 
  • Twin Twisters are four identical intertwined closed slides.
  • Blue Lagoon is a paradisical big pool adorned with waterfalls, geysers, and a hydro-massage area.

Additional Info

Etnaland is in the west part of Sicily, in the province of Catania. The closest big town is Paternò, the third municipality of the province after Catania and Acireale. The park offers shuttle service from the towns of Taormina and Giardini Naxos. Catania is located 20 kilometers away from the park, and Siracusa around 75 kilometers away.

Categories Prices
Adults €28
Children (100-140cm) €17
Children (>100cm) Free

Aquapolis, Szeged, Hungary

Aquapolis Szeged resort
photo credit: Mister No

Hungarian Aquapolis is the proud owner of Europe’s longest all-year-round water slide, a 272-meter long Anaconda, plummeting from a 30-meter high platform. In addition to this lovely giant, the water park contains a plethora of other rides, twisting both in the indoor and outdoor areas of the complex. Aquapolis isn’t just a water park, it also serves as a spa and a renowned fitness center. That means you can also reward yourself with a massage or dip into one of the bathhouses after you get exhausted from the complex’s many rides. 


  • Slides are one of Aquapolis’ main attractions. The record-breaking Blue Anaconda is the star of the park, but there are many other equally enjoyable rides. The extreme Kamikaze slide and the whirling Onion are always popular too.
  • Wellness and Fun Spa hosts an indoor and an outdoor pool, several different saunas, and plenty of other activities.
  • Napfényfitness is the large fitness center of the complex. 
  • Forrás Spa is the most exclusive area in the complex. A wonderful mosaic-adorned section is the best spot for simply relaxing and enjoying some well-deserved pampering. 

Additional Info

Aquapolis is located near the city center of Szeged, the third-largest Hungarian city. Szeged is situated near the southern border of Hungary, just to the south of the mouth of the Maros River, on both banks of the Tisza River, nearly in the center of the Carpathian Basin. The Hungarian border with Serbia is just outside the town.

Categories Prices
Adults 5 700 HUF (€16.16)
Seniors and students 3 400 HUF (€10)
Children (age 4-14)    3 100 HUF (€8.79)

And the unpredictable, twirling ride through the most unique, memorable, and jaw-dropping water parks of Europe ends here. Dip right into some of the most creative, fun-filled destinations on the continent. Every water park spins its unique tale, but one thing is a known fact. Whichever you pick, it will offer an unforgettable summer experience.