Memorial park Bubanj - the most important information

The history of the Second World War is colored with crimes committed in the Nazi concentration camps and a large number of mass shootings. The territory of Nis and its surroundings is one of the places where it took place.  The German Nazis shot more than 10,000 inhabitants of southeastern Serbia on Bubanj. Trenches between 20 and 50 meters long with human remains were found at this location in a comprehensive investigation by the War Crimes Committee. The real number of dead was never estimated due to the destruction of evidence and the burning of corpses that the Nazis decided to do before leaving Nis. In 1979 the Bubanj Memorial Site was declared a cultural asset of exceptional importance.

History of Memorial park Bubanj
The memorial pyramid was the original landmark from 1950, constructed shortly after the process of marking the place of great suffering started. After 6 years, the architect Ivan Sabolic from Zagred designed a new monument, which was ceremoniously opened on October 14, 1963. The resistance of one of the prisoners before the shooting, when he ran in front of the shooting squad and proudly raised his fist, is the inspiration behind the appearance of the monument. Within the memorial park are the works of Ivan Sabolic and Aleksandar Budjevic. During your visit to the park you must see:
  • Monument "Three Fists": each different height (13-14-16 m) 
  • Memorial trail: in its 0.5 km length, it displays marble-carved images of terror that indicate hangings, shootings, rebellion of the people and finally victory
  • A chapel of metal and glass
  • Amphitheater
It has been noted that there are 37 species of birds in the park, and the most interesting certainly are the great woodpecker, the woodpecker, the woodpecker.

Significance of Memorial park Bubanj
  • The memorial park has been under state protection since 1973, and in 1979 it was declared a cultural asset of great importance
  • The monument "Three Fists" symbolizes resistance to fascism through women's, men's and children's hands, and on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, it speaks out loudly against this evil ideology
How to get to Memorial park Bubanj?
The park is located 3km from the center of Nis and can be reached by public transport. Bus  stops at the squares of Pavle Stojkovic and King Milan and they leave every 4 to 20 minutes.
  • Bus lines: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8
  • By car: on state road 35, through Vardarska, Jovana Ristica and Vojvode Putnika streets 
Additional information:
  • Entrance to the memorial park is free and it can be visited any time of day 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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