Cegar Monument - the most important information 

On the Cegar hill near Nis is a monument in memory of commander Stevan Sindjelic and his soldiers who fought with dignity and died in this place. As the liberation of Nis was among the priorities in the first Serbian Uprising, the Duke of Resava, Stevan Sindjelic, was positioned on this very hill with 4,000 soldiers. They found themselves In the fight against the Ottomans, in May of 1809, where, although overpowered, they offered all-day resistance. Seeing that their forces were about to be defeated, Sindjelic relieved his fellow soldiers of their duties, but they stayed with him and laid down their lives together. We recommend you visit this monument when you find yourself in Nis, and that visit is always free of charge. 

History of Cegar Monument
The First monument, the monument that was located at this place, was in the shape of a granite pyramid, and saw the first monument erected in liberated Nis. At its unveiling, 6 months after the liberation of Nis, Prince Milan Obrenović was also present. Today the monument looks different.

Erected during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Nis, the Russian emigrant and architect Giulia Gupon designed a monument in the shape of a tower in 1927. The monument was built by combining romanticism and decorative elements of medieval architecture. The access staircase to the lower part of the monument was built of stone blocks from the Vinik gate at the Nis fortress. The area around the monument has been enriched since in 1938 by a bronze bust of Sindelic, prepared by the Croatian sculptor Slavko Miletic.

Significance of Cegar Monument
  • It is an immovable cultural good and as such is classified as a cultural monument of great importance.
  • Symbolizes a military fortification and stands as a reminder of the courage of the soldiers who fought for the liberation of Nis.
How to get to Cegar Monument?
The well-developed public transport network in Nis offers several bus lines that can take you to the monument. The lines go from King Alexander Square and take you to the nearest possible point on Cegar. After getting off the bus it is necessary to walk to the place of the monument.
  • Bus lines: 2, 4, 5
  • By car: it is possible to reach Cegar with your own vehicle through Borska or Somborska street 
Additional information:
If you want to be accompanied by a licensed guide, you need to schedule a visit and get additional information about the availability of the curator.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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