Cele kula - the most important information 

The tower made of human skulls stands as a reminder in the city of Nis and tells its turbulent and dark history. The battle of Cegar in 1809 left behind fallen Serbian soldiers, whose heads were used to build the tower on the way to Constantinople. Although its goal was to put an end to all forms of uprising and the fight for liberation from the Ottoman Empire in the name of the Turkish people, it served as a spark that led to freedom. Annually, over 30,000 visitors get acquainted with the horrific deeds that preceded the construction of this tower. It has been turned into a museum that belongs to the National Museum of Nis.

History of Cele kula

By the order of Hurshid Pasha, who was then the commander of Nis (1809-1812), 952 skulls in 14 rows on each side were built in with lime and sand at a height of 4 meters. The grotesqueness of this tower had a particularly negative impression on the Serbian people, so Mithad pasha intended to demolish it during his reign (1861-1866). During the night, the inhabitants of Nis, who were of the Christian faith, removed the skulls from the tower and took them to the cemetery, where they prepared their graves for a dignified rest. The number of skulls was reduced after the liberation of Nis, so there are 59 of them today. The tower is protected by an iron fence and its lobby is adorned with a bust monument of Stevan Sindjelic, along with depictions of scenes from the battle of Cegar.

Significance of Cele kula
  • It is listed among the cultural monuments of great importance for the Republic of Serbia.
  • A bitter reminder of the suffering and struggle of Serbs during their long and turbulent history that serves as a historical lesson.
  • Annually over 30,000 visitors get acquainted with the horrific deeds that preceded the construction of this tower.
Working hours:
  • Tuesday-Friday and weekend 09:00-19: 00
Ticket prices:
  • Adults 200 dinars
  • Children 150 dinars
It is possible to visit all museum facilities in a group visit, which can be scheduled by sending an email to the official email address of the National Museum of Nis.
  • Regular group ticket 300 dinars
  • For school kids, students and pensioners 200 dinars
How to get to Cele kula?
The tower is located in Dr. Zoran Djindjic Boulevard and can be reached by public transport. All the bus lines can be caught on King Alexander Square. From the city center it can be reached on foot, which takes up to 40 minutes. Taxi services can also take you to the Cele kula.
  • Bus lines: 1, 4, 6, 10, 11, 13
  • On foot: from the city center through Dusanova or 9. Brigade streets to Dr. Zoran Djindjic Boulevard.
  • Taxi stations: Prvi Taxi 018/4500005, Bros Taxi 018/4155541, City Taxi 0800/000022 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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