Ivan kula - the most important information 

This medieval fortress is located on the isolated top of the mountain Radan. In its vicinity is the village of Ivan Kula, which it looks at from a height of 1076 meters. It was first mentioned in historical sources at the beginning of the 15th century, but to this day it has not been sufficiently researched to be able to claim its purpose with certainty. Various legends connect it with the greats of Serbian history, and you visit it to enjoy its beauty and the view that stretches from that height.

History of the Ivan Tower
This former city was built on top of a volcanic coupe that was previously flattened. It is rectangular in base and occupies an area of ​​almost 8x6 meters. Today the wall is only 14 meters high. It is made of hewn stone which is bound with lime mortar. On the north side of this fortification, there was a building with a circumference of about 56 meters, which is evidenced only by the remains of its foundation. The late medieval style of these fortifications indicates that they were built with an important personality in mind. These types of buildings were always built in hard-to-reach places such as this one. This locality is also a viewpoint with a magical view.

Significance of the Ivan the Tower
  • This site has been declared a cultural monument.
  • The city was under the rule of the despot Stefan Lazarevic from 1412.
  • Members of the Knights of the Dragon order, Ivan Kosancic and Milan Toplica, set out from this tower for the Battle of Kosovo.
How to get to Ivan Tower?
From the direction of Prolom Banja, the Ivan Tower can be reached by car following the E80 highway. Part of the road must be crossed on foot, on a steep path on which it is necessary to be especially careful.
  • By car: From Prolom Banja, join the state road 228, which you follow along the Prolomska river towards the town of Rudare, near which there is a connection to the E80 highway. Follow it along the river Kosanica and that road will take you through the places Desicka, Raca, Kupinovo and Ivan kula, from where the fortification itself is not far.
  • On foot: The northeastern turn near the village of Vuce leads you to the center from where the path of ascent to the fortification begins.