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Prolom, Prolom Banja

Church of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord - the most important information 

This church dedicated to an important Christian holiday is located in the very core of Prolom Banja. A bridge leads to its entrance, which with its appearance fits into the natural environment and creates a stunning atmosphere. The celebration of the Transfiguration in the church is celebrated in a very solemn way and the church itself is the most visited in that period. Near the church there are various catering facilities, such as the Radan Hotel, which offer an enchanting view of the church and its surroundings. Although the church is relatively young, it has already been visited by a large number of tourists, so we suggest that you include it in the list of attractions you will visit.

History of the Church of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord
The construction of the church began in 2010 after the blessing of patriarch Irinej that allowed it to be erected on this very spot. The works lasted for 3 years, after which it was completed, and then a 56-meter bridge was built, named after the patriarch. The interior of the church, which is not large in size, was painted in 2014. The style of the frescoes is a combination of Serbian and Russian medieval biographies, and they represent numerous saints who are celebrated in Serbia. Byzantine iconography is also present. The church contains tents that represent an important biblical element related to the Feast of the Transfiguration, as well as a tower with a bell.

Significance of the Church of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord
Soon after its construction, the church became one of the symbols of the Prolom banja and as such represents an important part of its tourist offer. It stands at this place thanks to the blessing and permission of the Serbian patriarch Irinej. The icons and tents that adorn the church are important both for the local population and for all the believers who decide to come to visit.

What to see?
Every August 19, a holy liturgy is served in this church in the name of the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. On that occasion, a large number of believers gatheres and wine is consecrated. If you are in the church at this time, you can pray in front of the icons. Guided by the original biblical story, the church itself represents the tent of Christ, and within the church complex there are:
  • Tent dedicated to the three apostles: located at the end of the bridge and presented on 3 separate icons
  • Moses' tent near the bell tower
  • Ilija's tent at the base of the church 
How to get to the Church of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord?
From the center of Prolom Banja to the bridge in front of the church leads the state road 228 which you can walk or drive. On your way you will pass by the villa Kosovka and the Post Office, from where the turn onto road 228 is not far. If your accommodation is further from the center, or exploring the Prolom banja takes you far, you can count on affordable taxi services.
  • Taxi stations: Mega taxi 027 389999; Taxi station 027 389999; For taxi 027 389999
Additional information
To enter the church it is necessary to follow a specific dress code that includes covered shoulders and no short pants, skirts or dresses.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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