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Igrište, Prolom Banja

Monument to the Iron Regiment - the most important information 

The village of Igriste in Kursumlija is home to this monument, which is only the first to be dedicated to the famous regiment. It has been standing proudly here since 2016 and is also known as the Monument to the Second Infantry Regiment Knjaz Mihajlo. When visiting Prolom Banja, be sure to stop by this village, for which you will not need more than an hour of driving, and pay tribute to the brave soldiers who laid down their lives in exchange for freedom.

History of the Monument to the Iron Regiment
The Iron Regiment was part of the Serbian army during the wars between 1912 and 1918. In 1912, 17 young men left the village of Igriste for their mobilization rallies. They fought bravely in the Great War and only three returned to their hometown. History remembers all 17 of them, and the village originally paid tribute to them by planting 17 spruces. The monument was erected in October of 2016. It is 6 meters high and is built of granite. Representatives of the Serbian Army, together with the heads of the surrounding districts, attended the ceremonial unveiling of the monument. On that occasion, 17 pigeons were released in memory of the members of the regiment.

Significance of the monument to the Iron Regiment
  • This is the first monument of this kind which pays tribute to the fearless fighters of the Iron Regiment who fought for their honor and homeland.
  • The coat of arms of Serbia and a double-headed eagle are engraved on the monument, together with Karadjordje star with which the regiment was decorated.
How to get to the monument to the Iron Regiment?
From the direction of Prolom Banja, we advise you to come by your own vehicle, as the distance is slightly more than 36 kilometers. A quality and well-marked road will make your trip easier, and the residents of the village of Igriste can always help you find your way.
  • By car: From Prolom Banja, join the state road 228, which you follow along the Prolomska river until you join the E-80 highway near Rudare. Along Kosanica, follow the highway to the place Kastrat, from where you turn off to the state road 213. Follow it to the Kursumlija cemetery and further to the places Donja Mikuljana and Vlahinja, from where the village and the monument are not far.