Lazarica Church - the most important information 

In the area of ​​the village of Prolom, only 2.5 kilometers from the center of Prolom banja, is located this wooden church dedicated to Prince Lazar. Its official name is the Church of the Holy Resurrection of Lazar and it was built at a height of 640 meters. Numerous legends are associated with its existence, which mainly focus on the specific growth of trees in its yard. It is the only wooden church in the Toplica district. Near the church is the valley of the Prolomska river, which completes this natural environment and creates a pleasant atmosphere for staying and visiting. Be sure to visit this church, which has a rich history and beautiful iconostasis.

History of the Lazarica Church
Immigrants from Mount Golija built this church in 1890 on the foundations of an old building that was located here. It is assumed that those were the remains of a church built by order of Prince Lazar, just before the Battle of Kosovo. That church was built of pine and experienced its destruction during the great migrations of Serbs in 1690. The newly built church is stylistically most similar to the churches built in the areas from which the settlers came. The specificity of this church is reflected in its narrow surroundings, where the yard is adorned with a natural rarity. These are 6 twisted plum trees that have always grown in that number and nature. This appearance is connected with a legend that talks about 6 circles in which soldiers moved around the church after communion and prayers for victory in Kosovo. The church has been maintained, its surroundings have been arranged and, as one of 40 log cabins of this type in Serbia, it is a real tourist treasure.

Significance of the Lazarica Church 
The original church on the foundations of which this church was built, which still stands today, exists thanks to Prince Lazar. He and his army visited the church just before the battle to pray and receive communion. It is believed that Milos Obilic, Toplica Milan and Milan Kosancic were with him at the time. Felix Kanic's travelogues confirm this visit. On the way to the eternal inn, the relics of Prince Lazar stayed in this church for some time, which is confirmed in the "Note on the relics of Prince Lazar" whose author is the historian Ilarion Ruvarac.

How to get to the Lazarica Church?
You can reach the log cabin church on foot from Prolom Banja, and you can follow the same road by car. If you go over the mountain Radan, in the direction to Prolom Banja, the road will take you to a distance of only 50 meters from the church. A walk to the church will take you through the beauties of this area and the wonderful natural rarities on Mount Radan.
  • On foot: From Prolom Banja, take the road that passes by the Prolom pool and Villa Kosovka, near which are the Radan Restaurant and the Post Office. From there, join the state road 228, which you follow to the immediate vicinity of the church, from where you need to take a short walk. 

Additional information
To enter the church it is necessary to follow a specific dress code that includes covered shoulders and no short pants, skirts or dresses.