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Welcome to Vršac, one of the oldest Banat towns, located at the foot of the Vršac Mountains. We believe that you will feel at home here, since this city has managed to preserve the warmth of a real home, which gathers all peoples and nationalities in one place. Below you can find out more about Sterija's house, a place that became a museum and which today attracts a large number of visitors.

History and origin of Sterija's house
Jovan Sterija Popović was a Serbian writer and one of the leading intellectuals of his time. This prominent writer is considered the founder of Serbian drama and the first Serbian comedian. The birth house of Jovan Sterija Popović is located in Vršac, on the Square of St. Theodore of Vršac. The present house was built in 1868 on the site of an older family house from the 18th century, in which Sterija was born. This house has a ground floor with a shop, a floor with living rooms and a courtyard, which was built later. Sterija's brother Djordje Popovic intended Sterija's house in 1871 for the needs of young writers and scholarships for pupils and students as part of the fund that still serves that purpose today. Since 2011, you can see an exhibition dedicated to Steria here, with authentic furniture, which the writer himself used, documents and photographs.

What awaits you in Sterija's house
After more than 150 years since Sterija's death, the house on St. Theodore of Vrsac Square got its right purpose - it became Sterija's museum. Apart from the original furniture, such as the desk on which Jovan Sterija Popović created his best works, you can also see here:
  • original manuscripts of his works, such as: "Pokondirena tikva", "Zla žena", "Kir Janja", "Laža i paralaža" and many others - all these manuscripts are in the display cases in the memorial room;
  • framed facsimiles and documents - you will notice them on the wall;
  • and there are also photographs and a portrait of Jovan Sterija Popović, painted by the famous Serbian painter Uroš Predić.
How to get to Sterija's house?
If you are planning to visit Vrsac soon, we recommend that you definitely visit Sterija's house and get acquainted with his timeless work. From Belgrade to this place you will need an hour and 20 minutes by car (via Route 10). When you are in the center of Vrsac, you can reach Sterija's house in just 5 minutes of easy walking (across the Square of St. Theodore of Vrsac).

Ticket price
The city of Vrsac does not forget the great minds who were born here, and this is exactly what this Sterija Museum proves, which preserves the memory of the writer and all his most important artistic achievements.
  • The symbolic ticket price for all visitors is only 100 dinars.


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