Cathedral Vrsac - the most important information 

The Cathedral Church in Vršac is the main and largest Orthodox church in this city. It is also known as the Church of the Holy Father Nikolaj, and it is located in the very center of Vršac, on the Square of St. Theodore of Vršac. Stay with us and learn more about this magnificent building.

History and characteristics of the Cathedral Vrsac 
  • This Orthodox church was built in the period from 1728 to 1785, during the time of Bishop Nikola Dimitrijević.
  • Pavel Đurković was in charge of the iconostasis of the Cathedral, while Aksentije Marković performed the woodcarving work.
  • The wall paintings and the vault were painted by Simeon Jakšić and Mihajlo Popović.
  • Nikola Nešković is the creator of kissing icons.
  • Paja Jovanović donated 2 extremely valuable paintings to the Cathedral: Saint Nicholas saves the convicts and Saint Angelina (it is believed that this famous painter painted the figure of Saint Angelina in the image of his mother).
How to get to the Cathedral Vrsac?
  • The cathedral in Vršac is some 80 km away from the Serbian capital, so from there you will need an hour and a half by car (via Route 10).
  • If you come by bus to Vršac, we advise you to walk from the bus station STUP Vršac to the Cathedral (you will arrive in about twenty minutes via Svetozara Miletića Street) or call a taxi service (you will arrive in less than 5 minutes via Route 10). We recommend Fokus Taxi Vršac: 060 8887777 or Maxi Taxi: 013 833833.
Additional information
Several bishops of Vršac are buried in the crypts of the Cathedral, so this place is also the eternal home of bishops Josip Jovanović Šakabenta, Petar Jovanović Vidak, as well as Vikentije Vujić. Worship is regularly performed in this Orthodox church, so all believers are invited to visit it when they are able.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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