Vršac City Park is a location that should not be missed if you are ever in this city or its vicinity. This beautiful park is only a few hundred meters away from the center of Vrsac and we guarantee you, you will enjoy it immensely. Stay with us and find out more about Vršac City Park.

History of the City Park - different names
On the site of today's City Park, in the 18th century, there was a major of the respectable noble family Sherible. The municipality of Vršac bought Šeriblov majur in 1797, and in 1817 its name was changed to Gradski majur, and later to Gradski park. Today, this place is a magical green oasis, which delights all its visitors with its beauty.

Appearance and characteristics of the City Park
Vršac City Park was created at the end of the 18th century with the purchase of land and the construction of the City Garden. This park was built in the image of the English style of construction, with alleys and hidden places for the use of citizens. Today, the City Park is under state protection and is a natural monument of garden architecture of mixed landscape style. Its area is almost 6 hectares. Numerous species of deciduous and evergreen trees are planted here. When you visit this place, you will also notice ornamental shrubs, shrubs and a variety of flowers, which bring joyful colors to the park and have a calming effect on all visitors. In addition, you will have access to rest benches, a children's playground, a fountain, as well as an old-fashioned cafe with a large terrace, where you can refresh yourself and continue your adventure in Vršac.

How to get to the City Park?
  • You can get from Belgrade to the City Park in Vršac in an hour and a half by car.
  • If you decide to be transported by bus, the carrier Stup Vršac will be at your disposal. You can get all the necessary information by calling the number: 013/832 900.
  • You can also get to Vrsac from Belgrade by train. There are 6 daily departures on this route: the first train leaves at 07:02 h, and the last at 20:52 h.
Additional information
The city park in Vršac is an ideal place for dreamers and romantic souls, who will feel at home here! You cannot say that you were in Vršac if you did not visit its famous park, which is, we can freely say, a symbol of this city and its soul.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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