Selo Šušara

Šušara, Vrsac

Welcome to Šušara, a village that belongs to the town of Vršac. This settlement is located in Deliblato Sands and is surrounded by orchards and vineyards. Find out all about it below and the fastest way you can get to it.

History and characteristics of the village of Sušara
This village is located on the southeastern edge of Deliblato Sands. It is the only village in the municipality that is mostly inhabited by Hungarians, which is why organized tours from Hungary come to this place en masse. The village Catholic Church of St. Laszlo has an accommodation capacity of 40 beds, so you can spend the night here. Also, most of the houses in this settlement are very hospitable and open to accommodate tourists. The village of Šušara was created in 1887 by uniting 2 settlements: Sandorf and Fejertelep, and it was named after the heat in the summer and drought (from the word drought). At the beginning of the 20th century, this village looked like a typical settlement of the Vojvodina type: it has 5 streets, with the main street being almost 4 km long, with tree lines on both sides. Next to the houses there is a kind of pavement made of compacted earth, or bricks made with concrete. The inhabitants of Šušare were mainly engaged in viticulture, agriculture, animal husbandry, beekeeping and silkworm breeding. In 1927, Sušara became the first and only political municipality in Banatska Peščara. Today, this settlement has a House of Culture, which can accommodate about 200 guests and is used for cultural events. It has a private school, 2 public schools, as well as a village clinic. Susara is also known as an air spa. On weekends, the number of inhabitants at this place doubles due to numerous tourist visits.

How to get to the village Sušara?
  • If you are leaving Belgrade by car to Sušara, you will need about an hour and a half of driving time (via Route 10).
  • The settlement of Šušara is 29 km away from the center of Vršac, so we advise you to use a bus or taxi ride from Vršac to this settlement. You can call Premier Taxi Vršac: 013 800 900.
Additional information
In the village of Šušara, the locals organize a traditional hunting ball every year on February 14, which gathers several hundred guests. At that time, St. Trifun and St. Valentine are equally celebrated, since this settlement is multinational and respects different traditions. If you plan to stay longer, the Marietta Castle will be at your disposal, where you will enjoy the luxurious ambience. Šušara is an ideal place for all hunting lovers, biologists, mountaineers, recreationists and other adventurers and nature lovers!


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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