Plaka - the most important information

Since the neolithic period, Plaka has been the oldest known neighborhood in Athens. What’s more, it is considered one of the most ancient districts in whole Europe. It is surrounded by some of the biggest landmarks of Athens, such as Agora, Acropolis, and Monastiraki Square.

About Plaka
Plaka is among the loveliest places in Athens. Most of the streets in the area are for pedestrians only, which is perfect if you want to take a tour through this old neighborhood. At a time, Plaka was known as the place with numerous nightclubs, but today, the situation is different. Every street of the district is like a small gem. They are all filled with traditional Greek restaurants, cafes, shops, and other tourist attractions. You can choose between many places to eat, they all offer great Greek food. They are mostly places with traditional food, painted in vivid colors in pleasant surroundings. When it comes to shopping, you will enjoy Plaka if you are a fan of rich souvenirs and hand-made products. Souvenir shops offer much interesting stuff, not only postcards and fridge magnets but ceramics, pictures, replicas of Greek sculptures, and much more. Some of Athen’s museums are located in this area, so don’t miss the chance to take one more look into Greek culture and history.

What to see in Plaka? 
We will list just some of the attractions and interesting stuff you can see and do in Plaka. There is still more to discover in this amazing place that every tourist loves.
  • Museum of Greek Folk Art - If you want to see products of Greek handcrafts that make part of the country’s folk art, go straight to the Museum of Greek Folk Art! The museum is open daily except for Mondays from 10 am to 2 pm.
  • Frissiras Museum of Contemporary Greek and European Painting - one of its kind in Greece, this museum hosts a collection of paintings and drawings of Greek and European artists. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the weekend you can visit it from 10 am to 3 pm, and from Wednesday to Friday working hours are from 11 am to 7 pm.
  • The Benizelos Mansion - This is the last standing konaki in Athens. This is the house of the Benizelos family that now works as a museum where you can see how this kind of traditional house used to look like. 
  • Cine Paris - You may not think that at this place you will see an outdoor movie theater. But Cine Paris is a great place to watch a movie on the roof with a view of the Acropolis. Besides that, you can buy a drink in a bar or purchase Greek versions of movie posters. Isn’t that great?
  • Byzantino Jewelry - You will be amazed by everything this shop has to offer. At low prices here, you can purchase some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry.
  • Tower of the Winds - It’s the part of an ancient meteorological station that is was believed to be a place of magic.
  • Doorway of the Medrese - Just across the tower, you can see the Doorway of the Medrese, a former theological school from 1721. The bizarre part of this building’s history is that it was also used to be a prison during the War of Independence.
How to get to Plaka?
Plaka is located in the center of some of the city's most famous landmarks.
  • By bus - Buses like 035, 550, 856, A13, A2, and A3 have their stops near Plaka. Keep in mind that most parts of the Plaka are only for pedestrians, so after taking the bus, you’ll probably have to continue on foot or by bike.
  • By subway - You can take any of the following lines, M1, M2, or M3.
  • On foot - Since the Acropolis is just 750 meters away from Plaka, you’ll need just 10 minutes to get there on foot, taking the Peripatos, Panatenaiacos, Prytaneiou, and Scholiouo streets.
What should you know before visiting Plaka?
Besides walking and enjoying the stores and attractions in Plaka, you can also book a hotel room in this area, since many of them offer great places to stay.

Interesting facts about Plaka
  • The area of Plaka is around 3.500 years old.
  • Here is built the first university in Greece.
  • Around million tourists visit Plaka every year.
  • During the Ottoman period, this was known as the Turkish neighborhood.
  • Unfortunately, a fire in 1884 destroyed part of the district.
  • Because of its archeological sites, Plaka is considered the Neighbourhood of the Gods.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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