Gold Reef City - the most important information

Gold Reef City is an amusement park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Located on an old gold mine that closed in 1971, the park is themed around the gold rush that started in 1886 on the Witwatersrand, the buildings on the park are designed to mimic the same period. There is a museum dedicated to gold mining on the grounds where it is possible to see a gold-containing ore vein and see how gold is poured into barrels. And multiple shops around the park can be located.

What to do in the Gold Reef City?
There are many attractions at Gold Reef City, including water rides, roller coasters, and the famous Gold Reef City Casino. Gold Reef City is located to the south of the Central Business District off of the M1. It is also the site of the Apartheid Museum. Here you can find almost everything and we are going to describe it in some groups:
  • Gaming: Gold Reef City is a true gaming city. If you like to gamble this is the place for you. Here you can find casino promotions, slots, tables, and much more.
  • Entertainment: One of the most important pieces of information about this city is that it is mainly constructed for entertainment. So, in that regards here you can watch a movie, go to the theatre or enjoy some family activities.
  • Theme park: The most famous part of the city, and especially for kids. Here they can enjoy rides and attractions, they can go visit the chapel, buy souvenirs and enjoy some birthday activities. Some of the popular rides at the theme park include  Anaconda, the world's only Giovanola inverted coaster, Golden Loop, originally White Lightnin' at Carowinds, Jozi Express, a high-speed roller coaster, Miner's Revenge, and many more.
  • Hotels and restaurants 
Opening hours and tickets for activities in the Gold Reef City
  • Operating hours: The City itself is open every day and the only thing that has working hours is the theme park. Theme park work from Wednesday to Sunday from 9.30 to 18h. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the theme park is closed.
  • Tickets: As well as the operating hours, you have to buy tickets just for the theme park. They cost around 16 USD, but there are some group tours and cheaper tickets. Parking here is free.
Working hours and prices can be changed for this attraction, so we are strongly recommending you to visit the official website of the Gold Reef City before going and here you can book your tickets in advance. Please note that it is recommended to spend a full day here.

How to get to Gold Reef City?
The Gold Reef City is not very well connected with Johannesburg. There are still some ways how you can get there with public transport:
  • via Train and Bus: There is no direct connection from Rhodesfield (Gautrain Station) to Gold Reef City. However, you can take the train to Marlboro, take the train to Park, take the walk to Park Station, take the bus to Basothong, then take the walk to Gold Reef City. 
  • via Taxi: The quickest way to get from Johannesburg to Gold Reef City is by taxi which costs around 8 USD and takes 6 min.
The Gold Reef City trivia:
  • Nowhere else will the tourist find such a comprehensive and colorful depiction of mining life at the turn of the nineteenth century. The carefully-documented history of Apartheid is depicted in the Museum and is a must-see on a South African visit.
  • The theme park offers adrenalin-spiking rides and the history lesson is brought to life; where youngsters are not just hearing how Johannesburg had its origins, but are seeing, feeling, and tasting it.
  • Equip with modern facilities, Gold Reef City hosts 2 conference venues; the Crown Reef convention center at the casino and Oppenheimer Conference and Banqueting Centre at the theme park.
  • Johannesburg's Globe Theatre opened in the early 1890s. Later renamed the Empire Palace of Varieties, it hosted the first moving picture shows in South Africa.
  • In 1907, Gandhi launched his campaign of "passive resistance" at the Empire of Varieties.
  • A replica of the Globe Theatre is erected at Gold Reef City.
  • It was reported in 2013 that acidic mine water was slowly rising within the mine on which the park is built and that there was a possibility of the park being flooded if left unattended. Mine tours were temporarily halted, and the museum was moved from 215m underground to 80m above ground.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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