Churches in Mostar - the most important information

Welcome to Mostar, a magical city located on the banks of the Neretva River! According to the number of inhabitants, this city is the largest inhabited place in Herzegovina. Today, people of different religions live in it, who respect differences, and that can be seen most in its religious places. When you come to Mostar, you will see the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Cathedral, the synagogue and the mosque, as proof of the coexistence of the people in this area through the centuries.

Religious places in Mostar
Religious places in this city are a picture and an opportunity that religion should never divide nations. Mostar has long been a scene of different cultures and communities, which is why it is still a popular tourist destination. Whatever your religious affiliation, you will enjoy and learn many useful things in this city. We present to you some of the most important religious institutions in Mostar:
  • The Orthodox Church - the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (the largest church in the Balkans until the end of the 19th century) - was built in 1873 and is another symbol of this city. The builders of the church were Herzegovinian Spasoje Vulić and the then famous builder Andreja Damjanov.
  • Catholic Church - Franciscan Church and Monastery of St. Peter and Paul - the church was built in 1866, when the Ottoman power in this area weakened, while the Franciscan monastery was built after about 30 years. This church boasts the highest bell tower in Bosnia and Herzegovina (107 meters).
  • Mostar Synagogue - was built in 1889 in the suburbs of Brankovac, and was adapted in 1952 and donated to the Puppet Theater. This building was reconstructed in 1966 with the participation of the European Union. On that occasion, the interior of the building, facades and roof construction were renovated.
  • Karadjoz-beg's mosque - is the largest and one of the most beautiful mosques in Herzegovina. It is located on the corner of Braće Fejića Street and Karađoz-beg Street. This mosque was built in the period from 1557 to 1558, according to the designs of Sinan, the then famous Ottoman architect.
How to get to Mostar?
  • From the center of Mostar, you can reach the Holy Trinity Cathedral in less than 10 minutes by car, and it will take you as long to reach a mosque, synagogue or Catholic church, as all religious sites are nearby.
  • If you like walking, you can reach these places on foot.
  • There are also several taxi carriers, which will take you safely to the desired location. We recommend: My Taxi +387 63 150 300, Herc Taxi +387 36 551-198 or Arny Taxi +387 63 150 715.


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