Kujundžiluk - Stari grad Mostar

Mala Tepa, Mostar

Kujundziluk - the most important information

Kujundžiluk is the name of one of the oldest city streets in Mostar. This popular street stretches from the Old Bridge to Mala Tepa and represents the oldest zone of this city, better known as the old bazaar. Kujundžiluk dates from the middle of the 16th century. It is a cobbled street where you can still see artisan shops and traditional restaurants with local dishes, which you can only find here. This oldest economic part of Mostar is very well preserved. Below you can find out more about this interesting place, where it will seem to you that time has been constant for a long time.

History of Kujundziluk
So, there used to be a large market at this place, which had more than 500 shops during the Ottoman Empire. What sets Kujundžiluk apart from all other streets is that it has managed to retain its authenticity, and even today it looks the way it did a couple of centuries ago. Old crafts such as hand-made copper or carpet weaving have been preserved in this street. The name of the street is related to the goldsmiths (goldsmiths), who once had their shops on the left bank of the Neretva River, so this part of Mostar was named Kujundžiluk after them. The local goldsmiths were known for making belt buckles and decorated women's belts. Unfortunately, in 1861, Kujundžiluk burned almost all of it, and that fire had great consequences for the trade of the merchants of that time.

What you can see here
In this street you can see old mosques and small shops, where you can stop by and buy some interesting souvenirs for your friends. In addition, you will have at your disposal traditional restaurants with a large selection of local cuisine specialties, as well as cafes, which young people will enjoy the most.

How to get to Kujundžiluk?
Kujundžiluk is located in the oldest zone of Mostar. 
  • From the center of Mostar you can reach the old bazaar on foot. You will need only twenty minutes of pleasant walk across Marshal Tito Street, and we recommend that way so that you can see everything nicely and soak up the soul of old Mostar.
  • In case you come from the periphery, the following taxi stations will be available: My Taxi +387 63 150 300, Herc Taxi +387 36 551-198 or Arny Taxi +387 63 150 715.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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