Mauzolej na Lovćenu

Lovćen, Cetinje

Mausoleum on Lovcen - The most important information

The mausoleum on Lovcen is located on the second highest peak of the Lovcen mountain, on Jezerski vrh, and was built at the request of Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The chapel that was originally built was Njegos's covenant church, which Njegos himself built during his lifetime. It was collapsed and attacked several times, and finally a mausoleum was built on this site in 1974. This attraction is extremely visited precisely because of its historical importance and because the relics of Petar II Petrovic Njegos rest in the walls of the chapel.

The history of the mausoleum in Lovcen

The old chapel, Njegos's covenant church dedicated to Saint Petar of Cetinje, was located in the same place as today's mausoleum. The initiative to build the chapel itself was given by Petar II Petrovic Njegos himself during his lifetime. It was built in 1845 with the wish that Njegos be buried in it. However, due to the fear of Turkish desecration of the grave and chapel, Njegos was initially buried in the Cetinje Monastery, and later Prince Danilo transferred his body to the mausoleum. The chapel was attacked and demolished several times, and the mausoleum got its current look only in 1974, thanks to the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. In 2013, the mausoleum was reconstructed, and there are 461 steps and 20 km of asphalt all the way to the top, and this walk and visit to the mausoleum is a pilgrimage.

View of the mausoleum in Lovcen
The mausoleum consists of an approach, a tunnel, a staircase, a plateau, a vestibule, a path and a viewpoint from which an incredible view of the greater part of Montenegro is offered. This imposing building is a fusion of architecture and art. In the central part there is an atrium with a well, and at the very entrance there are two caryatids in Montenegrin national costume carved in black marble. The chapel is the most important part of the mausoleum and is built of dark green marble. Inside the impressive chapel is a sculpture of Njegos holding open books, above his head is an eagle with outstretched wings. The vault of the chapel is covered with a mosaic with gilded tiles. Njegos's marble sarcophagus with symbols of spiritual and secular authority is located in the christ.

Opening hours and entrance fee of the mausoleum Lovcen

The working hours of the mausoleum on Lovcen:
  • During the season are 09:00-17:00, while the working hours i
  • In the off-season are 09:00-16:00. 
The tickets price of the mausoleum Lovcen:
  • The price of admission for children and students is 2.5 EUR
  • For legal entities it is 3 EUR 
  • For individuals it is slightly more expensive and amounts to 5 EUR
  • The group price of admission for all museums is 10 EUR.
How to get to the mausoleum on Lovcen?
You can reach the mausoleum on Lovcen:
  • By car - If you are coming from the direction of Ivan's trough, take the route via Krstac pass, then to Kotor-Njegusi-Cetinje. From Cetinje, turn onto the Lovcen road that will take you to the Lovcen National Park.
  • By bus - You can only get to Cetinje by bus, there is no direct line that connects the city center with Lovcen National Park.
  • Taxi service - If you decide to take a taxi, it will take you to the entrance of the national park and the price is around 20 EUR.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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