Ada Bojana - The most important information

Ada Bojana is a river island at the confluence of the Bojana River with the Adriatic Sea. Ada Bojana is located in the far southeast of Montenegro, right next to the border with Albania. The island was created artificially, and it is located on an area of ​​about 5 square kilometers. This attraction is the most popular attraction on the entire Montenegrin coastal area due to its beauty, but also the famous nudist settlement which is cleverly hidden from view.

The history of Ada Bojana

According to legend, Ada Bojana was created in the 17th or 19th century after a storm. It is believed that a ship ran aground during a storm, and over the years, the two nearby islands gradually became a bank, then an island due to the deposition of river sediments. Thus, the island divided the river Bojana into two parts. During the Cold War, the island was a military zone, and even today some parts of it are completely untouched.

Appearance of Ada Bojana
Ada Bojana is a triangular shaped island. Two sides of the island are washed by river water, while the third side is surrounded by sea water. Ada covers about 600 ha, and its beach is about 3,800 meters long. The beach facing the sea is sandy and 3 km long, while the seabed itself is covered with fine sand. The nearest place is the village of Štoj, a village that belongs to the city of Ulcinj.

How to get to Ada Bojana?
You can reach Ada Bojana:
  • By car - If you have decided to visit Ada Bojana, it would be best to go by car, where a 20-minute easy drive along the coast awaits you. From the post office in Ulcinj, take Street Rr. Nene Teresa. Follow this street until the fork in front of the roundabout, keep to the right and join the R-17 road. At the next roundabout, continue straight, and after crossing the bridge, turn off into the first street on the left. After that, take the first right, where you will join the R-17 road. This road takes you through Donji Gornji Stoj to Ada Bojana itself. The distance from the center of Ulcinj to Bojana is 15 km.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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