Kruče Stari Ulcinj

Kruče, Ulcinj

Kruce Old Ulcinj - The most important information

On the western side of the Ulcinj coast, in the town of Kruce, there are ruins believed to be the remains of the ancient city of Ulcinj. This cove is a very important locality precisely because of its thousands of years of rich history. Precisely because of its historical treasures, this place is increasingly visited by tourists. Apart from the Illyrian ramparts of the Old Town, Kruce is the most valuable archaeological site in Ulcinj.

History of Kruce
The ruins were first mentioned in 1376 under the name Stari Ulcinj, while sources from Venice refer to this place as Dulcigno vecchio. It is believed that the settlement that once stood on this site sank in an earthquake in 444 BC. Various archaeological researches have established that on this ridge, in ancient times, there was a signal unit, while in the Middle Ages there was a fortress here that served as an observation post.

Appearance of Kruce
The ramparts are one of the preserved remains of the fortifications on the rock and are located on the northern side, while the remains of smaller houses were found in their interior. On the eastern side there is a church from the 12th or 13th century with a walled underground tomb. Remains of ceramic vessels from the ancient period were found all over the area.

What to see in Kruce?
In Kuce Bay, researchers found the remains of large country houses that rich Ulcinj noblemen built as their summer cottages. This place was chosen precisely because of its beautiful nature and the phenomenal view of the open sea from here. That is why you can find large and wonderful olive groves and vineyards in this place. It is believed that some houses were built as early as the 6th century AD, precisely because of the found remains of mosaics and ceramics, as well as coins from the era of Justinian, Justin and Anastasius.

How to get to Kruce?
You can reach Kruce:
  • By car - From the roundabout in Ulcinj, head towards Bar and take the first exit. Continue straight along the E851 road, which takes you through Bratica and Krute Ulcinjske to Kruce. This trip will take you about 10 minutes, depending on how busy the roads are. The distance between Kruce and Ulcinj is 9.2 km.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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