Valdanos Bay - The most important information

Valdanos Bay is located only 5 km from Ulcinj in the northwest. This bay was once a famous military resort, but also a pirate port. It is believed that the remains of sunken ancient and medieval ships can be found in this bay. Valdanos Bay is located between the two hills of Mendre and Mavrijana and is an olive reserve because there are about 80,000 olive trees in this area. The cove has been declared a Natural Monument.

The importance of Valdanos Bay
The cove consists of a beautiful beach 367 meters long. The olive trees in Valdanos are extremely important and represent the largest living monument of olive growing in Montenegro. In this area, there are about 18,000 trees that are about 800 years old, while there are also many trees that are more than 2,000 years old. Valdanos Bay is also home to the endemic meadow sea flower, which is also popularly known as sea grass, voga or lažina. This grass lives only in the Mediterranean Sea.

How to get to Valdanos bay?
You can reach Valdanos Bay:
  • By car - Valdanos Bay is very easy to reach by highway. Take Đerđa Kastrioti Skanderbeg Boulevard towards Bar. At the roundabout, continue straight along Street Rr. Ymer Prizreni, which takes you past the Valdanos Viewpoint to the attraction - the bay. This journey takes about 10 minutes of easy driving, and the distance is 5.9 km.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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