Slavoluk Sergijevaca

Flanatička ulica, Pula

Arch of the Sergii - Most important information

The triumphal arch of the Sergius, or the Golden Gate, was built around 28 BC by the family of the Sergius. It represents the ancient Roman triumphal arch, built in honor of three brothers from this family. It was built in the Corinthian style, and today it serves as a venue for various cultural and social events.

History of the Arc of Sergii
The Golden Door of the Sergi family was erected between 29 and 27 BC to commemorate the three brothers who performed high official duties in Pula. Namely, it is a wealthy family whose power lasted for centuries. For this reason, the names of Lucius and Gaius Sergius and their sister Salvia, who paid for the construction of this triumphal arch, are engraved in the Triumphal Arch. The triumphal angle abutted the Porta Aurea city gate and was decorated in Hellenistic style with oriental details. At the beginning of the 19th century, the gates and ramparts were demolished due to the urbanization and expansion of the city.

The significance of the Sergii Arch
  • The Arch of Glory is characterized by exceptional decoration: The perfect combination of the Orient, Asia Minor art, and Hellenism is reflected in the decor of the Arch of Sergius. Also, the Corinthian capitals are incredibly lavish, while the pilasters are decorated with twisted branches with leaves.
  • The appearance of the Arc de Triomphe inspired even Michelangelo: Although the Arc de Triomphe attracted the attention of many artists, it may have left the most significant impression on Michelangelo. Namely, it is considered that the Arc de Triomphe served as an original antique model for Michelangelo, and he painted it under that name. The drawing is now kept in the Wicar Museum in France.
How to get to the Arch of Sergii?
The Arch of Sergijevac is located on Flanaticka Street, not far from other attractive locations in Pula, such as the Venetian Fort and the Pula Walls. It can be reached on foot, by public transport, or by car, as there are several parking spaces nearby.
  • By bus: The nearest bus stop is Giardini - A (across from Ghetaldus), and it is only 50 meters from the Arc de Triomphe. The lines that run to it are 1, 2a, and 2c.
  • On foot: You can reach the Arc of Sergijevac on foot from any direction in the city. If you are moving from the tip of Park Montezaro, you should follow Boskovic rise and Laginja Street. However, if you are coming from Monvidal, it would be best to go through Stankoviceva Street and then through Mletačka Street.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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