Brijuni - Most important information

Brijuni is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. The Brijuni archipelago has also been declared a National Park, and it consists of a group of islands on the west coast of Istria. It is only 6 kilometers away from Pula and is also one of the most visited places by numerous tourists.

History of Brijuni Island
  • The first testimonies about people on Brijuni already in the Neolithic Age: Life on Brijuni and the first testimonies about it appear exceptionally early, and it is assumed that the island was already inhabited during the year 2000 BC. The first tribes were the Histri, and after them came the Romans and Croats, who built numerous cultural and social facilities that still exist today.
  • Brujini experienced significant development during the 19th century: When Pula was built in the 19th century, it became the main war port of Austria-Hungary. As a result, the Brijuni Islands, as an integral part of it, became a significant stronghold and formed the primary defense system of the entire city. After that, Brijuni becomes a popular summer resort throughout Europe.
Significance of Brijuni Island
Brijuni consists of two large islands called Veliki and Mali Brijun, as well as 12 small islands of a very indented coast, inhabited since prehistoric times.
  • A perfect climate and lush vegetation characterize Brijuni: The island of Brijuni is best known for its mild climate that has Mediterranean characteristics. Because of this, the island is almost always sunny, and moisture is constantly in the air, which favors vegetation development. The sea temperature during the summer is around 23 degrees, while the average temperature is almost the same. Tropical flowers are exquisitely cared for, while the vineyards produce perfect wines yearly.
  • The cultural wealth of Brijuni is evidenced by numerous monuments and landmarks: Brijuni Island is rich in various monuments and archaeological and cultural assets. Therefore, on the island, you can meet an ethnographic museum, an archaeological museum, a temple of Venus, a Safari park, and many other attractions that attract tourists from different countries.
  • In 1983, Brijuni declared a National Park: thanks to its natural beauty, which can rival Corfu and Capri, the island of Brijuni was declared a National Park. About 200 dinosaur footprints were discovered in this area, and the entire fauna is rich in different species. Thus, you can meet a snake, a pond turtle, or a frog on the island.
 How to get to Brijuni Island?
Brijuni Island is located just a few kilometers from Pula and is at the northern entrance to Pula Harbor. Although it is an island, it is easy to reach by different means of transport.
  • By plane: There are several options for all who plan their arrival on the island by airplane. The airport in Pula is only 15 km away, while it is possible to arrive by plane from Trieste or the isle of Krka.
  • By car: You can get to the town of Fažana, near Pula, by car, and the journey will take the Ipsilon road.
  • By boat: The boat ride to the island of Brijuni takes about 15 minutes, and the starting point is Pula. Docking is in the port of Veliki Brijun.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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