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Pula Parks - Most important information
Thanks to its outstanding beauty, rich vegetation, and various cultural, historical, and social monuments, Pula is a natural paradise for all those who like long walks. Therefore, Pula is full of parks, each of which hides a unique story and preserves the footsteps of different people. You will not only walk and enjoy the beauty of every park in Pula, but you will discover many historical facts that you did not know until now.

History of parks in Pula
Most of the parks in Pula were created over time by hardworking citizens who wanted to make their surroundings as beautiful as possible. However, tourism potential played a significant role in their creation.
  • Lungo Mare Park: The hustle and bustle of the locals in Lungo Mare Park has been heard since ancient times, but since 1994 it has started to be visited late in the evening. Namely, that year benches for sitting, public speakers, and lighting were placed along the park, further improving the quality of staying there.
  • Giardini Park: This park began to be landscaped in the second half of the 19th century when paths were built, flower beds were arranged, and trees were planted.
  • Šijanska šuma: Already in 1860, the administration of the forest was taken over by various navies. At the beginning of the last century, the Šijan Forest was known as the Imperial Forest since it was used for rest and recreation by the Austro-Hungarian army.
  • Riva: Originally, a small bay was placed on the site of this park, where boats were kept. Later, the terrain was filled, and the beautiful Riva Park was created there.
  • Tito's Park: The construction of Tito's Park began in the late 1940s, and a monument dedicated to the fallen fighters by Vanja Radauš was erected along the coast. At the head of the park, there is still a bust of Josip Broz Tito.
The importance of parks in Pula
  • Lungo Mare Park: Today, Lungo Mare Park is an indispensable choice for all those who like long walks along the seashore. A dense pine forest characterizes it, and a rocky sea coast is on the other side. Today, all generations can meet in the park, from the youngest to the oldest.
  • Giardini Park: It is safe to say that Giardini Park is one of the most critical green oases in the city. The Giardini has always been a place of meeting and gathering, and it is still the place of many cultural and social events today.
  • Šijanska šuma: If you want to avoid the excellent summer heat in Pula, an escape to Šijanska šuma will be a perfect choice. It is located only 2 kilometers from the city center and represents a true oasis of peace for all nature lovers. The wide variety of flora and fauna will delight you as you walk through the beautiful scent of cyclamen.
  • Riva: Although only 200 meters long, Riva is one of the most popular places to relax, gather and enjoy the sea. It represents a peaceful and beautifully arranged place in Pula, which everyone wants.
  • Tito's Park: Although Tito's Park today is mainly chosen by retirees who talk with their friends about the past, it is also a meeting place for younger generations. The old sycamore trees are there to accompany both the morning coffee drinking of more senior citizens and the modern music of young people.
 How to get to the parks in Pula?
The parks in Pula are not far from the coast, while the Šijanska šuma is further inland but not far from the strict center. Therefore, the gardens are easily accessible on foot, by bus, or by car.
  • On foot: You can reach the parks by the coast on foot from any direction. From the order of Sijan, it is best to follow Stankovićeva Street, while from the tip of Sisan, you should follow Sisanska street. However, if the decision falls on Sijanska suma, you will need about 2 kilometers of easy walking from the city center.
  • By bus: You can reach the parks on the coast by bus lines 1, 3, 6, 6c, 2a, 2c, 4a, 4, 6c, 8, 8a, and many others. The nearest stations are Sveti Ivan-A, Sveti Marin, and Dobrilina.


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