Ohridsko jezero

Ohridsko jezero, Ohrid

Lake Ohrid - Most important information

Lake Ohrid is located in the southwestern part of North Macedonia, and Ohrid, one of the country's most popular cities, is located on its shores. It is one of the larger lakes, and it is located in a deep and closed basin. Lake Ohrid is one of the most popular locations in the entire Balkans, all thanks to its exceptional natural beauty.

History of Lake Ohrid
The shores of this lake have been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by many remains both at the bottom of the lake and on the surface. The oldest archaeological settlements date back to the Neolithic period, and more than 170 archaeological sites have been found on the coast itself.

The importance of Lake Ohrid
What makes this lake stand out is the unique ecosystem that surrounds it. Rare plant and animal species can be found here, and some species are associated only and exclusively with the Balkan Peninsula.
  • Lake Ohrid and the city of Ohrid have been declared a World Heritage Site under the protection of UNESCO: Lake Ohrid, as a rare natural phenomenon, shelters many endemic species of freshwater flora and fauna dating back to the Tertiary period. Thanks to these characteristics, in 1980, Lake Ohrid and the town of the same name were declared a Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region.
What must be seen/visited on Lake Ohrid?
Lake Ohrid is full of attractions that are worth visiting. They all witness these areas' turbulent and rich history and the quality development of lake tourism.
  • Visit the Bay of Bones, a unique museum on the water: This exceptional archaeological complex is located on the southern coast of the Gradiste peninsula, on Lake Ohrid. It is a reconstructed prehistoric settlement once situated in the same place. Today, 24 greenhouses faithfully represent the ancestors' life, and various artifacts such as pottery, furs, hearths, and furniture are exhibited.
  • Enjoying the beaches of Lake Ohrid will provide a unique experience: The beaches on the coast of the Ohrid Riviera offer all tourists swimming and enjoyment on the well-groomed coast. Some of the most famous beaches you should visit are Gorica, Slavija, Belvi, Metropol, and Elesec.
How to get to Lake Ohrid?
Since the city of Ohrid is located on the shore of the lake of the same name, it can be easily reached by car or on foot from any part of the city.
  • By car: If you are coming from the inner city, i.e., from the direction of settlements such as Naselba Zeleznicka and Vidobista, you must turn off the E-65 highway at the main roundabout and turn onto Sedmi Noemvri Street. After that, you continue along Bulevar Makedonski Prosvetiteli Street, which will take you to the lake.
  • On foot: It is possible to reach the lake from any part of the city, and the streets leading to the lake are Bulevar Makedonski Prosvetiteli, Kej Makedonija, and Kosta Abras.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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