Samuilova tvrđava

Kuzman Kapidan, Ohrid

Samuel's Fortress - Most important information

Samuel's fortress is a unique medieval fortification in Ohrid, right on the shore of Lake Ohrid. This fort is located on two hills, which in the past protected from the enemy. Today, this fortress is one of the most popular attractions in the entire city since it offers a magnificent view of the blue of Lake Ohrid.

History of Samuel's Fortress
The name of the fortress is related to the Bulgarian emperor Samuil, and this fortress was first mentioned in the chronicle of Jovan Malala around 476. Namely, at that time, the Ostrogothic king Theodoric unsuccessfully tried to capture the fort, which successfully resisted the enemies.
  • The territory of the city of Ohrid was once within these ramparts: After the great success of the Slavic uprising against Byzantium, Emperor Samuil created the Samuil Empire and moved the capital from Prespa to Ohrid. A rampart surrounded the town, and within the fortifications, he built the Gornji Grad with its castle, which he named Varos.
  • This fortress was also ruled by Serbian rulers: After the collapse of Samuel's empire in 1018, the Byzantine Emperor Vasilije II came to power, and the first Serbian ruler to occupy this fortress and the city of Ohrid was Emperor Dusan Silni in 1334. Until the death of Marko Kraljevic, the defense was in Serbian hands, after which it became the property of the Turks.
The importance of Samuel's fortress
The area of Samuel's fortress represents an inexhaustible treasure trove for archaeologists, as several precious objects have been discovered here.
  • The two gold masks that were found a bear witness to the ancient Macedonian culture: In the area of Gornji Grad, in addition to particular silver objects such as sandals and small carts, two gold masks of exceptional value were also found. Namely, it is considered that these masks are directly related to the ancient Macedonian culture since four more such acts were found in the broader area of the city of Ohrid. Two of those masks are in Sofia, while the remaining two found their home in the National Museum in Belgrade.
How to get to Samuel's Fortress?
Since Samuel's fortress is located on the shore of Ohrid, it is possible to park your car in one of the nearby parking lots and then go on foot to the very top of the fortress.
  • By car: If you are coming from the central part, you must follow Bulevar Turisticka Street, which will lead you to the second roundabout in a row. From there, follow Abas Emin Street and then Sveti Kiril i Metodij Street, which will take you to your destination. If you are coming from the opposite direction, i.e., from the tip of Leskajca or Voska, follow the road R1301, where you will turn into Abas Emin Street at the same roundabout continue on the already known road. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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