Antički teatar Ohrid

Ilindenska, Ohrid

 Ohrid Ancient Theater - Most important information

The Ancient Theater in Ohrid is an ancient Greek theater that dates back to Hellenism. It is the only Hellenistic theater in North Macedonia, and even today, it is still being determined precisely what the capacity of that theater was since only the lower part of the theater has been preserved.

History of the Ohrid Ancient Theater
This theater is believed to have been built around 200 BC. It was located between two hills that protected it from the wind since the winds disturbed the acoustics during the performance.
  • The first claims about the existence of this theater were made by the Russian art historian Kondakov in 1900: Kondakov made these claims based on the rich Cypriot decoration found in several locations around the city. He confirmed this by discovering two reliefs of Dionysius and the Muses in the Church of the Sveta Bogorica Bolnicka.
  • The remains of the ancient theater were discovered quite by chance: Although there were doubts about the existence of a Hellenistic theater in the city, it was found entirely by accident in 1935 and was discovered by archaeologist Nikola Vulic in the central part of Ohrid. The entire theater was finally unearthed during archaeological excavations around 1999. The most significant discovery was the names of visitors carved into the seats, assumed to be visitors who had subscriptions to the shows.
The importance of the Ohrid Ancient Theater
Today, the Ancient Theater is a significant indicator of the turbulent history of Ohrid and all the cultures that lived here. Today, the theater has various purposes, and it is mainly used for the needs presented during the famous traditional Ohrid summer event.
How to get to the Ohrid Ancient Theater?
The ancient theater in Ohrid is located near the Old Town and all other famous attractions in the city. It can be reached by car and on foot on the same road.
  • By car or on foot: If you are coming from the direction of Vosko or Kosista, you need to follow the road R1301 and then turn into Abas Emin Street, which will lead you to Sveti Kiril and Metodij streets. From there, you need to follow the signs to the theater. If you are moving from the direction of the Center, you need to follow Key Makedonija Street and then Klimentov Univerzitet Street to reach the ancient theater.


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