Kuća Stambolijski

Nikole Pašića 36, Nis

Kuca Stambolijski - most important information 

Located in the narrow center of Nis, this building is one of the most important architectural objects of Nis and preserves all the features of Serbian-Balkan architecture. Nis merchant Todor Stankovic Stambolija bought it unfinished for 25 gold lira. The house  was later named after his nickname, which he got because of his famous trade ties with Istanbul. Today, it houses a catering facility, the exclusive ethno restaurant "Stambolijski".

History of Kuca Stambolijski
The construction was started by Ahmet Memetovic in 1875 and it was interrupted during the Serbian-Turkish wars (1876-1878) and later completed after Nis was liberated. It was built in the style of profane Balkan architecture, it is a two-storey building with a bay window in the middle and a large porch. The rooms on the first floor are connected by a wooden staircase, and as it was built to be a large residential house, it has more than 10 rooms. Some of the original parts of the house have been preserved, including a door with decorative ornaments.

In July 1949 it was declared a cultural monument and placed under the protection of the law. After the planned renovation was abandoned, the house was in a neglected condition for a long time, and the provision for its demolition was passed in 1957. It was preserved from demolition by the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in 1964. Funds for the reconstruction were provided in 1981 and then conservation work began. In the same year, for the first time in this part of Serbia, the cultural monument was completely demolished and renovated.

What to visit
  • Restaurant "Stambolijski" can be visited throughout the week where you can enjoy the tastes of national cuisine
How to get to Kuca Stambolijski?
The building is only a 2 minutes walk from the central square of Nis through Nikola Pasic Street.
  • Taxi stations: Prvi Taxi  018 /4500005, Bros Taxi 018 /4155541, City Taxi  0800 / 000022
Working hours
  • Monday-Saturday 08: 00-00: 00 with the open kitchen until 22:30
  • Sunday 12: 00-20: 00 with the open kitchen until 19:00 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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