Narodni muzej Aranđelovac

Mišarska, Arandjelovac

Establishment of the National Museum
The National Museum of Arandjelovac was founded in 1981. The exhibition activity of this museum takes place in 2 spaces: the ground floor (the current permanent exhibition of the Millennium) and the gallery (exhibition of exhibits of contemporary art ceramics from the museum collection). Part of the exhibition space on the ground floor is intended for organizing thematic and guest exhibitions. If you have ever been near Arandjelovac, be sure to visit this place and learn more about the culture and history of the people from this area.

Collections of the National Museum
The National Museum of Arandjelovac is an institution of protection of a complex type with collections from the field of paleontology, archeology, ethnology, history and art history.
  • Paleontological collection - was formed on the basis of discovered fossil remains of Pleistocene fauna, found in the Risovac Cave, which is rightly called the paleontological treasury. In terms of the number of preserved remains, the cave bear far surpasses all other mammals, which inhabited the area at the end of the ice age.
  • Archaeological collection - is divided into prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages. Traces of the life of Neanderthal hunters and fruit gatherers have been discovered in the cave sediments of Risovača: typical Musterian triangular spikes, leaf-shaped spikes, as well as bone tools such as daggers and awls.
  • Ethnographic collection - the formation of this collection began in 1984. The first 28 items are donated to the National Museum by the elementary school Šumadijski partizani. Today, this collection contains over 1000 items. In this part of the exhibition, you can see the reconstruction of the hearth, the types of Šumadija construction, objects used by farmers and stockbreeders, as well as old crafts characteristic of this area: opančarski, ćurčijski and abadžijsko-terzijski.
  • Historical collection - this collection is divided into sub-collections with manuscripts, postcards and photographs.
  • Art History Collection - this place houses artistic ceramics created at the World of Ceramics event as part of the Marble and Sounds Art Festival. Also, here is the Gift Collection of Mihailo S. Petrov, which the Museum received in 2011.
How to get to the National Museum Arandjelovac?
  • The Arandjelovac National Museum is about seventy kilometers away from Belgrade, so it will take you about an hour and 10 minutes by car (highway A1 / E75 and Route 25).
  • The city of Arandjelovac is well connected with other cities by bus. 7 buses depart from Belgrade to Arandjelovac every day, organized by the carriers Lasta, Autokodeks and Transprodukt DOO. The ticket price is in the range of 580 and 620 dinars.
  • From the bus station Arandjelovac you can reach on foot, in about twenty minutes of easy walking (across Kneza Mihaila Street).
Ticket prices and opening hours of the National Museum
The Arandjelovac National Museum is open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm, while on weekends the working hours are different (from 10 am to 2 pm). The ticket price for all visitors is 120 dinars.


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