Znamenitosti u čast Milunki Savić

Jošanička Banja, Raska

Who was Milunka Savic?

Milunka Savić was a Serbian heroine of the Balkan wars and the First World War, a sergeant in the Second Regiment of the Serbian Army "Knjaz Mihailo" and a woman with the most decorations in the history of wars. Because of their immeasurable courage, the French named this heroine Serbian Jovanka Orleanka. In the wars of 1912 and 1913, Milunka fought disguised as a man. Her gender was discovered only after being wounded in the Battle of Bregalnica. This heroine received many decorations, including two French orders of the Legion of Parts and the Miloš Obilić medal. She is the only woman in the world who is the holder of the French Order of the War Cross with a golden palm. Milunka Savić was forever remembered by the Serbian people as a synonym for courage. If you want to know more about it, head to Jošanička Banja, where a popular memorial complex with interesting content awaits you.

Monument to Milunka Savić and her memorial room
A monument to Milunka Savić was unveiled in 1995 in Jošanička Banja. This imposing life-size monument is the work of sculptor Ljubiša Mančić. It is the only monument that was erected in memory of the unforgettable and unique Milunka. The monument is part of the memorial complex in the center of Josanicka Banja, whose restoration began at the end of 2018. Within the complex, a memorial room dedicated to Milunka Savić was opened. The memorial room was opened in 2020, and is characterized by a multimedia setting, composed of several segments. The central place of the exhibition belongs to the interactive mosaic with Milunka's photographs, behind which are hidden authentic films from the Great War. The second segment shows the conditions in which this brave woman fought - these are 2 improvised military trenches. Here you will be able to see the soldiers and their uniforms, flags, as well as the weapons they used. The third part of the exhibition is an exhibition of objects from the war period.

How to get to Josanicka Banja?
  • Belgrade is about 250 km away from Josanicka Banja, so you will travel from the Serbian capital to this place for about 3 hours by car (highway A2 and Route 22).
  • From Novi Pazar, you can reach the Milunka Savić Monument in about 50 minutes by car (via Route 22).
Additional information
Within the memorial complex dedicated to Milunka Savić, 3 memorial plaques with the names of the fallen fighters from her homeland, who took part in the Balkan wars and the Great War, were placed. All additional information regarding the working hours of the memorial complex or ticket prices can be obtained by calling the phone number of the Center for Culture, Education and Information Gradac: 036 736 273.