Manastir Končul

Gnjilica, Raska

Koncul Monastery - the most important information

Koncul Monastery is located in the village of Gnjilica, which is only 3 km away from Raska. It was founded around 1175 by the great prefect Stefan Nemanja. This monastery is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, which is why it is better known to the people as St. Nicholas. One of the interesting things about the Končul monastery is that Saint Sava spent the first night in this place after he ran away from home, with the intention of becoming a monk.

History of the Končul Monastery
The name of the monastery Končul comes from the Proto-Slavic word končina, which means end or end. The first mention of this monastery is recorded in the Studenički tipik at the beginning of the 13th century. Hard times for the Končul monastery and other Serbian shrines occurred with the arrival of the Turks in 1459. In the Austro-Turkish war, this monastery was devastated and destroyed. It remained in ruins until 1861, when the monastery church was renovated. The new church mostly adhered to the foundation of the original church, except for a small chapel to the north and a chapel. Today, it represents the parish church of the hamlet of Končul, located on the left bank of the river Ibar. In the second half of the 20th century, archeological excavations were carried out at this place, when the existence of a necropolis was established, which is older than the original church.

How to get to the Končul monastery?
  • From Belgrade to the Kočul Monastery you can reach by car in 3 and a half hours drive (highway A2 and Route 22).
  • From Novi Pazar to this place you will travel about half an hour (via Route 22). If you do not come by car to this city, we recommend that you call one of the following taxi carriers: Euro radio taxi (063 710 1600), Cash taxi (036 662 076) or Mega taxi (020 313 882).
Additional information
Končul Monastery is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, so we believe that your stay in it and the village of Gnjilica will be extremely pleasant. Since 2000, this monastery has become richer for the sisterhood of Kosovo, which begins with its material and spiritual renewal. Today, there are sewing workshops in the Končul monastery, as well as an icon-painting workshop, in which nuns make miniatures on parchment.