Saborna crkva Svetog arhangela Gavrila

Milana Ivanovića, Raska

History of the Cathedral of the Holy Archangel Gabriel

The Cathedral of the Holy Archangel Gabriel is located in the center of Raska. This Orthodox church was built in the period from 1871 to 1874, during the reign of Prince Milan Obrenović. From the time of its creation until today, the Cathedral has been renovated several times. The icons on the iconostasis were painted in 1975. Later, the painting of the complete interior of the Cathedral began, which was continued by the Zice Icon Painting School in 1998. After the First World War, this church was visited by the Bishop of Zice, Nikolaj Velimirović, who served the Holy Hierarch's Liturgy and held an unforgettable sermon on freedom fighters.

Valley of the Centuries (Lilac Valley) - the place of the most important Serbian monasteries
The Cathedral of the Holy Archangel Gabriel is located on a slight hill above the town square. It is surrounded by many monasteries and churches, which are located in the Valley of Centuries, ie in the Valley of Lilacs. Thus, the monasteries in its vicinity will be available to you: Studenica, Gradac, Stara and Nova Pavlica, Nikoljača, Petrova crkva, Đurđevi stupovi and Sopoćani, so you can plan a real small excursion and visit several Serbian shrines while you are in this area. The Cathedral Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel was created by a special decree on the state expense of the then Principality of Serbia. Also, the city of Raska was created by the decree of the prince as the need of the then state to have one such town at the border crossing to the Ottoman Empire. When you visit the Cathedral, we advise you to visit the Church of the Holy Trinity. It is located only 3 km from the center of Raska towards Kraljevo, on the left side of the main road.

How to get to the Cathedral?
  • If you start by car from Belgrade, you will travel to this place in 3 hours and 20 minutes (by highway A2 and Route 22).
  • From Novi Pazar to the Cathedral of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, you will need less than half an hour's drive (via Route 22). Since the distance is not great, you can call a taxi service and enjoy the ride to your destination. We recommend: Euro radio taxi (063 710 1600), Cash taxi (036 662 076) or Mega taxi (020313 882).


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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