Jezero Perućac

Perućac, Bajina Basta

Lake Perućac - the most important information

Are you planning to come to Bajina Basta soon? If you do not know what to visit, you are in the right place. Stay with us and find out the most important information about Lake Perućac, which you should visit first. It is an artificial lake, about 2 kilometers away from Perućac. Lake Perućac is located in the natural bend of the canyon of the river Drina, between Bajina Bašta and Višegrad. This lake is specific in that it envelops Mount Tara. The lake was created in the second half of the 20th century, by blocking the course of the river Drina for the needs of the construction of the hydroelectric power plant "Bajina Bashta". The middle of Lake Perućac represents the border between Republika Srpska, BiH and the Republic of Serbia.

Tourist potential of Lake Perućac
The tourist season on Lake Perućac lasts from June to August. As for accommodation, you will have at your disposal a hotel on the shores of the lake, and in the vicinity of several bungalows. At the foot of the hotel and bungalows there is a prefabricated beach, where visitors like to spend time during the summer season. The beach has 2 parts, the first has 4 pools, which are intended for children, while the second part with the entrance to Lake Perućac is intended for adults. There are several rafts along the shore of the lake, so you can stop here and refresh yourself after a day of swimming and enjoying the sun. When you arrive at Perućac Lake, you will be able to cruise by boat to Visegrad, with a short break at the Visegrad Bridge, so you can see this famous place. Not far from Lake Perućac are Mokra gora and the Rača monastery, so we recommend that you have these locations in the plan.

How to get to the lake?
  • If you start by car from Belgrade, you can reach Lake Perućac in 3 hours and 15 minutes (by highway A2 and via Route 170).
  • You can also reach Bajina Basta by bus. Most departures from Belgrade are organized by the company Raketa AB, but there are also a few departures organized by Lasta. The price of the return ticket is 2400 dinars. All information related to bus transport can be obtained by calling the bus station in Bajina Basta: 031/865 485.
Additional information
Did you know that Lake Perućac is also suitable for fishing? Every year, the world championship in hunting young is held at this place, when the winners catch specimens weighing up to 5 kilograms. However, what this place is known for is the Drina regatta, which is held every year at the end of July, from the dam in Perućac to Rogačica. This event on the water is one of the largest events in the country.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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