Vrelo River - the most important information

The Vrelo River is one of the shortest rivers in Europe. It is located in the settlement of Perućac, on the right bank of the river Drina and belongs to the Tara National Park. The other name of this river is Year because its course is as long as one year has days (365 meters). The river Vrelo originates from the strong karst spring Perućac, at an altitude of 234 meters. It originates from drained precipitation from the vast Tara plateau. Vrelo is a clear river, whose average water temperature is around 10 degrees. It has a large powerful spring, a pond on the right and a watermill on the left bank, one left tributary in the form of a clear stream, as well as 2 bridges.

Significance and curiosities of the river Vrelo
Although it is small in length, the river Vrelo will delight you with its appearance and interesting stories, which you can hear about this place. In the following text, we have singled out a couple of such beliefs for you.
  • In 1927, the Vrelo hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 60 KW was put into operation on the Vrelo River, according to the project of Dr. Miladin Pećinar.
  • The Drina River, along with the Vrelo River, was declared the first natural beauty of Serbia in the action of choosing 7 Serbian wonders, organized by the Tourist Organization of Serbia.
  • The river Vrelo never changes its length, which is why there is a belief that young people, before getting married, should come to the river bank so that their love would be eternal.
  • In addition, it is believed that this river is mystical and that it has helped many people to have offspring, as well as to eliminate various psychophysical problems.
  • There is 1 more belief regarding the river Vrelo - happiness awaits everyone who walks its entire course and gives it a coin that he spent the night under a pillow. Many visitors claimed that their wishes came true within a year after visiting this miraculous river.
How to get to the river Vrelo?
  • If you start from Belgrade by car, you will travel to this river for a little over 3 hours (by highway A2 and via Route 170).
  • It is about ten kilometers from the center of Bajina Basta to this interesting place, so we advise you to call a taxi service, if you have not come by car. You will have at your disposal: Plus Taxi 065/861 99 91, Mata Taxi 060 086 28 62 and Halo Taxi 031/866 999.
Additional information
The river Vrelo especially attracts the attention of tourists during the Drina regatta, a tourist event that is held every year in this area. Then her magical waterfall, 10 meters high, comes to the fore. Above the river Vrelo, you will be able to notice the restaurant of the same name with a beautiful terrace, where you can stop by to have a drink or a snack. This river is bridged in several places by wooden terraces, on which tables have been set. Most of the garden tables are located next to the waterfall.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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