Spomenik oslobodiocima Pirota od Turaka

Trg republike, Pirot

Monument to the liberators of Pirot from the Turks - the most important information

The monument to the liberators of Pirot is located on the Republic Square, in the settlement of Tijabara. It is dedicated to the liberators of Pirot in the Serbian-Turkish war in 1877. Construction of this monument began in 1904 and was completed after 20 years. It consists of 2 parts: a pedestal in the form of an obelisk and a sculpture at the top, as represented forms when it comes to monuments erected in honor of fallen heroes.

Characteristics and significance of the Monument to the Liberators of Pirot
This monument is made of carved stone and is basically square in shape. The cylindrical part has one Greek cross on four sides. The upper part of the roller is crowned with a conical decoration, which gradually forms the top, on which is placed a bronze sculpture - an eagle with a wingspan of 3 meters, directed to the south. The base of the Monument to the Liberators of Pirot is surrounded by 12 stone pillars, which are 50 cm high and interconnected by chains, which allows access from all 4 central sides. This monument in Pirot belongs to the corpus of monuments erected in order to remember important events in Serbian history. By erecting monuments, the Serbian nation and state celebrated unforgettable heroes, who gave their lives in order for Pirot to join Serbia.

How to get to the Monument to the Liberators of Pirot?
  • If you are traveling by car from Belgrade, you can reach this monument in 3 hours (by highway A1 / E75).
  • From the center of Pirot you can reach this place on foot, in less than 15 minutes across the street Cyril and Methodius.
  • There is another option if you do not want to walk, you can call a taxi service and arrive in 5 minutes across Srpskih vladara Street. We recommend some of the best rated taxi carriers: Fox Taxi (010/321 111), Flash Taxi (010/234 61 08) and Blu Taxi (010/318 222).
Additional information
A monument to the liberators of Pirot from the Turks was erected in the old part of the city, where only the Christian population lived during the Turkish occupation. Pirot was liberated on December 28, 1877, when the Turkish army withdrew from this city, blowing up gunpowder in the fortification. Today, that date is marked as a holiday - Pirot Day.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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