Tvrđava Kale - Pirotski grad, Momčilov grad

Grad, Kale, Pirot

Kale Fortress - the most important information

Have you ever been to Pirot? If you haven't, here you can find out more about the symbol of this city - its fortress, which was built during the reign of Prince Lazar. The Ottomans managed to capture Momcilo's city, but Duke Dimitrije recaptured it in 1386, and it is believed that this event was one of the reasons for the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. This fortification was in military use until the first half of the 20th century. Today, the fortress of Kale is mostly preserved, and in the second half of the 20th century, archeological research was carried out in it, followed by restoration and conservation works.

Appearance and characteristics of Kale Fortress
Kale Fortress was relatively small in size and consisted of a citadel, which was defended by a fortification. Later, a weaker rampart with loopholes in the area towards the river was added to it. It is assumed that this happened in the 18th century. Kale Fortress consists of 3 parts: the upper part with the Donjon tower, the middle part with the rampart and 2 towers, and the lowest - the lower part with the rampart and the masonry trench. Archaeological research has revealed that there was a settlement on this place 5,000 years ago. Also, other traces from the Neolithic and Iron Age, Antiquity, early Byzantium and the Middle Ages were discovered. This fortress is known for the fact that parts of the legendary film Battle in Kosovo were shot in it, as well as some scenes from the series about Vuk Karadzic, which follows the life and work of the famous educator and reformer of the Serbian language.

How to get to the Pirot fortress?
  • Belgrade is about 300 km away from this fortress, so it will take you about 3 hours by car to reach it (by highway A1 / E75).
  • You can also reach Pirot by bus. The car carrier Presto travels from Belgrade to this city every day. The price of a one-way ticket is 2000 dinars, while the price of a return ticket is 3000 dinars. Approximate travel time on this route is 4 h.
  • From the main bus station in Pirot, you can reach the fortress on foot. It will take you about ten minutes across Vojvode Mišića Street.
Additional information
The city of Pirot was a fortress that was harder to conquer. The Turks realized that when they came to its walls in 1386. After the Battle of Kosovo, Pirot changed its masters, so that for a time it was in the possession of despot Stefan and despot Djurdj. After the fall of Smederevo in the 15th century, this city was taken over by the Ottomans, who remained in power until the liberation in the 19th century.


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