Vidikovac Smilovica

Zavoj, Pirot

Lookout Smilovica - the most important information

Welcome to the Smilovica lookout, one of the most beautiful lookouts in our country! It is located on the edge of Zavojsko Lake and is 3 km from the village of Pokrevenik, and 16 km from Pirot. From this lookout you will be able to enjoy an incredible view of the Stara Planina and Zavojsko Lake. Below you can find out more about this new lookout and which roads lead to it.

Lookout Smilovica - paths leading to it
You will be able to notice the beginning of the trail towards the Smilovica lookout point right after the village of Koprivštica, on the way to Zavojsko Lake. There is a clearly marked sign at this place, which will show you that there is another 5 km to the popular lookout point. If you want, you can leave your car there and from there head on foot to Smilovica. You will enjoy a relaxing walk and fresh mountain air. However, there is another option: you can drive to the village of Pokrevenik, and even to the lookout, but this is not recommended unless you have an off-road vehicle. When you pass the village of Pokrevenik, continue your walk along a well-marked path.

Walk slowly and stop from time to time, because you will be accompanied by enchanting pictures of the Old Mountain everywhere. When you arrive at the Smilovica lookout point, have a nice rest and enjoy the view of Zavojsko Lake, which was created in 1963. Then a large landslide created a natural dam, which was later surpassed by the construction of an artificial dam. The tour to the Smilovica lookout point and further towards Temska especially attracts people who are fans of mountain biking.

How to get to the lookout?
  • If you start by car from Belgrade, you will travel to the Smilovica lookout point for about 3 and a half hours (by highway A1 / E75).
  • If you come to Pirot by bus, then we advise you to call a taxi service that will take you safely to the desired location. It will take you about half an hour across Kapetana Karanovića Street. We recommend the following taxi carriers: Fox Taxi (010/321 111), Flash Taxi (010/234 61 08) or Blu Taxi (010/318 222).
Additional information
The village of Pokrevenik has recently started to attract tourists with its main tourist attraction - the Smilovica lookout. Film producers from Australia, who are shooting the film right here, are also interested in the beauty of this mountain village.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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