Arheološki muzej Đerdapa

Kralja Aleksandra 2a, Kladovo

Djerdap Archaeological Museum - Basic Information

The Archaeological Museum is located in Kladovo and is one of the richest archaeological collections in Serbia. The area around Djerdap is very rich in sites where exhibits and artifacts can be found that cover a period of over 10,000 years.

History of the museum
The museum was founded in 1996 as a branch of the National Museum in Belgrade. This is one of the two archeological museums that can be found in Serbia, and also one of the few museums for which the building was purposely built. The research started in 1960 and since then, very valuable objects from different epochs have been found in the Danube area. The most important are those who testify to the existence of the Romans, so, in addition to objects for everyday use, entire buildings were found, among which is the fortress of Diana.

Museum exhibition

The exhibition space consists of two parts. The first contains photographs and other testimonies of archaeological research conducted from 1960 to 1980. In the second museum unit, there are objects that represent real rarities, and which cover the period from the 7th millennium BC. until the eighteenth century AD. There is a large number of found exhibits dating from prehistory, among which there are various tools, kitchen utensils, jewelry, achievements that prove the way of domestication of animals, religious relics. However, the most numerous is the collection of objects that are related during the Roman Empire, which had its influence in this area as well. Portraits, vessels, jewelry, military equipment, are just some of them.

Roman limes
As part of the research and the museum itself, you can see the remains of buildings that belong to the archeological park. So you can see monumental units, such as:
  • fortification of Diana
  • fortress-city of Fetislam
  • Trajan's board
  • Trajan's Bridge
  • remains of Trajan's Way - Trajan's Canal
Working hours of the Archaeological Museum
Tuesday - Sunday 9 am - 5 pm
the museum is closed on Mondays

Ticket price
You can visit the museum on your own, but also with expert guidance.
  • individual ticket - 300 dinars
  • group ticket per person (minimum 10 people) - 250 dinars
  • ticket for primary and secondary school students, students and pensioners - 250 dinars
  • family ticket - 300 dinars
  • children up to 7 years, professors and students of archeology, art history and classical sciences - free entrance
How to get to the museum
The museum is located in Kladovo, 260 kilometers from Belgrade, and 10 kilometers downstream from the Djerdap I hydroelectric power plant.
  • By car: route 34, via Pozarevac, Golubac, Donji Milanovac and Tekija
  • Taxi associations in Kladovo: Taxi Rile 063 1742818; Taxi Potrčko 063 8029523; Taxi Vladus 063/84 31 833


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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