Trajanova tabla

Tekija, Kladovo

Trajan's board - Basic information

One of the most important proofs of Roman activity in the area of ​​the Đerdap gorge is undoubtedly Trajan's tablet. Tabula Traiana, as it is also called, the inscription is carved into the rock that is located along the Danube, in the Djerdap gorge.

History board
Trajan's tablet testifies to Trajan's success in breaking through the most inaccessible navigable part of the Danube. It is assumed that this was done around 100 AD, when Trajan was preparing to march on Dacia. The boards, together with Trajan's Bridge, which is located in the immediate vicinity, are part of the so-called Trajan's Way. Six lines of text were engraved on it, but only three are visible today. When the construction of the Djerdap hydroelectric power plant began, in 1963, the level of the Danube rose, so the board had to be moved. It was then pulled from the place where it was located and raised above the water level, about 30 meters higher.

Board layout
Although only three lines of text are visible on the board, the message that is engraved is still known today. The inscription is in Latin and in translation means "Emperor Caesar, son of the divine Nerva, Nerva Trajan Augustus, victor over the Germans, great pontiff, fourth time appointed tribune, father of the homeland, consul for the third time, carved mountains and set the beams from which he was made this time". Based on the traces of paint preserved in the corners of the relief, it was concluded that the board was painted red. The words at the top, TABULA TRAIANA, were carved later, in 1891. However, in addition to the message, you can also see the decorations on the wall. They consist of six rosettes and an eagle with outstretched wings in the middle, as well as two dolphins on the side. According to some records, it is believed that under this one, there was a carved kneeling figure that held the board.

How to get to Trajan's board
Trajan's tablet is located within the Djerdap National Park, near Kladovo and Tekija. Unfortunately, it is impossible to approach it from the mainland, but it can be seen up close as part of the boat tourist tours that are regularly organized. In addition, the board can be seen from the Ploce lookout point, on the Miroc mountain.
However, there are several ways to get to Tekija or Kladovo, from where you can start your boat tour to the board.
  • By car: from Belgrade you can come by route 34, via Pozarevac, Golubac and Donji Milanovac.
  • Taxi: you can ask one of the taxi associations in Kladovo if they drive to Tekija.
Taxi Rile 063 1742818; Taxi Potrčko 063 8029523; Taxi Vladus 063/84 31 833
  • Bus: Flixbus operates on the section Kladovo - Tekija, departing from the main bus station Kladovo.


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  • Brige
  • Museum


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