Vodopad Blederija

Reka, Kladovo

Blederija Waterfall - Basic information

Also known as the Kladovo emerald, this waterfall is truly a kind of natural treasure that flows in the valley of the mountain Miroc. This place is perfect for all nature lovers, and those who would like to get away from urban areas and relax with a stay by the water.

Blederija Waterfall - characteristics
This natural locality consists of two waterfalls - one smaller and one larger. They originated from the river Blederija, which springs on the karst terrain, two kilometers away. The big waterfall is 7 meters high, and it is the main attraction. The water from the top of the rock falls freely over the bigrena barrier (rock type) into the lake, due to whose turquoise color it is called the Kladovo emerald. A small waterfall occurs only during high rainfall, during spring and autumn. The water temperature in the lake is around 8 degrees, but the river itself is much warmer, with its 17 degrees. The entire natural complex is under state protection.

How to get to the waterfall
The waterfall is 31 kilometers from Kladovo, and 4 kilometers from the village of Reke, hidden in the woods. Although the immediate vicinity of the waterfall can be reached by car, the site itself can only be reached on foot, on dirt paths with signs that provide guidance. Although the approach is not perfect, it is really worth investing a little effort to see this natural phenomenon.
  • By car: from Kladovo - route 35 / E771, through Velesnica, Grabovica and Brza Palanka. From Belgrade - route 34, via Požarevac, Golubac, Donji Milanovac and Brza Palanka.
Additional information
Keep in mind that you are in nature and that you should not throw garbage outside the marked places, and if there are none, keep the garbage with you, and throw it away when you have the opportunity. We also recommend that you wear clothes and shoes that will suit you during a walk through nature.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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