Jezera Bela Crkva

Bela Crkva, Vrsac

Jezera Bela Crkva - basic information

At a distance of 35 kilometers from Vrsac, in the municipality of Bela Crkva, there is a specific tourist, natural complex that consists of 7 larger and more smaller lakes. They are one of the main attractions of Bela Crkva and represent a perfect picnic area and tourist potential of the South Banat district.

Characteristics of the lakes
All lakes in this area are artificial. They were created by the exploitation of gravel, which began in 1904. This process created a terrain suitable for making a lake that will enrich the tourist offer of this area. The lakes are of different depths and rich in fish, so, in addition to swimming, fishing is also possible. The rich tourist offer consists of the Main or City Lake, Vračevgaj Lake, Carp Lake, Pebble Lake, Novo Lake and Malo Lake. Unfortunately, Novo and Malo lakes are not suitable for swimming. However, other lakes are equipped with either a concrete beach or a natural look, with grass, sand and gravel.

Gradsko Lake
It is the largest and best-equipped lake, with a part of the beach that is paved. The average depth of the lake is 3 meters. Within the lake complex, there are arranged toilets, a beach with showers, as well as a shared beach, a ski jump and a sailing club. Due to the fact that the lake is located only 800 meters from the main city center, it is easily accessible and there are a large number of bars and restaurants in its vicinity. There are also bungalows, apartment and camp settlements on the coast. There are also numerous basketball courts, tennis courts, trim trails and children's playgrounds.

Vracevgajsko Lake
Only 200 meters away from Gradsko, there is Vracevgajsko Lake. Its average depth is about 2 meters, and it is also open and equipped for swimming and rest. The beach of this lake is pebbly, there are bungalows nearby, and it is possible to rent a pedal boat or a boat. What is characteristic for this lake is the island which is covered with greenery, which can be accessed both from the water and from the land.

Other activities on the Lakes
Here it is possible to engage in diving and sailing, which is a great advantage of these lakes. Swimming and diving schools are organized here in the summer. Although a large number of tourists who want to swim and spend time visit the lakes, there are also quiet areas where it is possible to go fishing. Many species of fish have found their home in the lakes, such as pikeperch, carp, grass carp, perch, catfish. Every year, the event Catfish Hunting is held on Gradsko Lake.

How to get to Bela Crkva Lake?
Most of the lakes are located in the immediate vicinity of the center of Svilajnac.
  • By car: you can get from Vrsac in half an hour, through Straza, Jasenovo and Crvena Crkva. From Belgrade you will spend less than 2 hours, through Pancevo and Kovin.
  • By taxi: You can always inquire at one of the taxi services in Vrsac for transport to Bela Crkva. Premier Taxi 013/800 900, Fokus Taxi 060/888 77 77, Maxi Taxi 013/833 833, Taxi Vršac 063/191 12 71
  • By bus: Buses from Vršac go to Bela Crkva every day. The first departure is at 5.30, while the last is at 19.15. There are also about 4 departures a day from Belgrade to Bela Crkva. The price of the return ticket is around 1,300 dinars.